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Jeff FoliA few months ago, former mayor of Chillicothe, Missouri, Jeff Foli submitted a guest post, Political Power in the Pulpit, about his concerns regarding then candidate Mitt Romney based on his own experience with Mormon Church leaders while mayor.  I suggest you go back and read it.  It’s quite thought-provoking.

Since that time, Jeff has provided an update on his own situation, and I have decided to go ahead and put it here on the front page for the benefit of our readers.  Once again, here is Jeff Foli:

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Probably because of the Romney controversy, on February 4, 2008, Thomas S. Monson said to Peggy Stack, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune, that the church does not get involved in political matters. If this is true, then why, when I was Mayor of Chillicothe Missouri, was I was threatened with excommunication if I did not rescind a piece of Legislation that I sent to the Missouri State Legislature?

It is supposedly against Federal Law (Title 26, Section 501) for a church to influence legislation, but in 2003, the late Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and his councilors thought it appropriate and acceptable to threaten my membership in the church when I was Mayor of Chillicothe in Northwest Missouri, regarding a political matter.

On Feb. 17, 2007, the Church will hold a disciplinary Council (church court) on me because I let the public know of these acts via the Internet, and I finally filed charges with the local Sheriff, the ACLU, the IRS, and others because of the continual manipulation and abuse of Mormon leaders. I tried for several years to quietly and internally settle these issues, but they would have none of it.

They view my exposure and revealing of their actions as my attempt to disparage and criticize leaders (evil speaking of the Lord’s anointed). They state, “those who reject Christ’s servants, reject him”. Why does leadership demand no accountability in Churches for inappropriate actions of leaders?

Do we think Brigham Young would have personally sought out those accountable for the senseless murder of 120 men, women, and children on SEPTEMBER 11, 1857, without pressure from the Federal Government? Who will protect us? Where are the checks and balances for questioning potential religious abuses?

Most of the Mormon people are good, honest individuals, but the people of Missouri will not put up with this type of stronghanded influence. So as the Mormon Migration to Missouri continues, I hope the Mormon people will open their minds and become more careful and considerate of the people they meet.

Most have no idea of what really happened in Missouri over 170 years ago, because the whole story was never fully told.

Jeff Foli
Former Mayor of Chillicothe, Missouri


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19 Responses to “Jeff Foli Update”

  1. Munga Says:

    By all means, out the emails. I’m interested to see if there is any substance to this.

  2. Jeff Foli Says:

    I would be happy to supply you with further information. Please let me know what questions you have and what I might provide you with to help you better understand.
    Jeff Foli

  3. Jeff Foli Says:

    As follow up, to remain a Mormon, pressure was applied to me to distance myself from my public exposure of the fact that I had been pressured to kowtow to the self-serving Mormon agenda. I respected their input in the beginning, as they told me directly that they would oppose my legislative initiative. What is challenging is that I did not kneel to their suggestion, so they ratcheted up their rhetoric with direct threats of excommunication. It is also obvious that had I not exposed these facts public ally, I could have continued on as a normal card carrying Mormon, even though I had written dozens of letters expressing my displeasure at their illegal tactics. Sadly, as councilor to Gordon Hinckley, there is no doubt President Thomas S. Monson participated in the breaking of Federal law regarding tax exempt status and the non-compulsive requirements of legislative issues. Let’s hope these types of actions are never acted out again, and if I need to be the sacrificial lamb so that these things cease, then I believe my acts were important enough to protect the innocent against power and corruption.

  4. Jeff Foli Says:

    Since my excommunication, the Mormon church, via its leaders, is using the arguement that my excommunication was legitimate because they have spent money combatting certain political issues in the past. They try to muddle the issue and confuse people so as to minimize their guilt. The fact that they went above and beyond mere suggestion and decided to resort to threat was a line illegally crossed. Churches do in fact, often suport or oppose many issues, but to cross the line into threat, intimidation, and coersion of members is innappropriate. Can you imagine the Mormons getting up at the pulpit and threatening thier members if they were to vote or support certian candidates or issues? They do not do this openly, but they do this exact thing in cliendestine meetings behind closed doors. I was excommunicated for exposing this fact which they term, “disparging church leaders”. I forgive them openly for what they have done to me, but I hope to God, they do not continue with this kind of action with others. They sometimes do not respect the delicate line between church and state. They have got away with it with me, because of their power and influence, but I do not believe, the citizens of Missouri will ultimately put up with this, as the Mormons become more numerous in Missouri. The mass exodus and return of the Mormons to Missouri is inevitable, and could once again prove to be deadly if the clash of cultures once again ruptures. Curiously, this tragic possiblity happend in Missouri at Hauns Mill, when the people of my City attacked the Mormons, because civility broke down. It again occured in southern Utah on September 11, 1857, when the Mormons, in retaliation for what happened here in Missouri, attacked a waggon train of non-Mormons and murdered 120 men, women, and children. Are we blind as to why and how these types of things happen. For Gods sake, please let us learn the lessons of history enough as to not need to repeat them in other days, and in other ways. They Mormons today, will see this type of thing as an impossibility, but if you ask them if thier leaders told them to do terrible deeds, many would, without reservation, quickly aswer, YES. The programming is strong, and has many ggod aspects, but in the wtrong circumstance, this type of blind obedience could be very deadly. The day will come, when Missouri’s elected offices and legislatures will be dominated by Mormon influence. Possibly by that time, the political power and cultural influence will be virtually unstoppable. My desire was to stop this kind of action right up front, but that did not happen. Don’t get me wrong, the Mormons are generally very excellent people, but in certain critical cases, it has been proved to be spiritually deadly to go against their political agendas.
    Jeff Foli
    Former Mayor of Chillicothe, Missouri

  5. spacebrother Says:

    I thought this was a thread about that pedophile Mark Foley, who was protected for no less than 7 years by the Republican party.

  6. Jeff Foli Says:

    Wrong Foli spacebrother.

  7. Jeff Foli Says:

    If Mitt Romney is selected for Mccains Vice-presidential running mate, I believe he should be questioned about his ultimate loyaly. I would invite him to field questions about this issue, because if he were ever to become President, people would definatley want to be aware of how competing loyalties are prioritized.

  8. Jeff Foli Says:

    I hope the media is just ignorant instead of just turning a blind eye to these issues. They might ignorantly assume the issues are not real, relevant, or important. It is completely real, relevant and important! Why not ask the questions, and let the cards fall where they may? It is ultimately the Mormon church policy that needs attention, but Mitt Romney is caught in the crossfire of which loyalty is paramount, and the people deserve the right to hear him grilled on these important issues. Wake up media!!! If people think Bush is bad, just imagine a rerun of the Mormons September 11, 1857, mountain meadows massacre on an international scale. This was terrorism at its worst! Many might see me as a disloyal person. My loyalty is to principle. If there are higher ideals, I am open to hearing them. Otherwise I see myself as seeking peace, and I believe vigilance is important to combat those using their power and influence in illegal, dishonest, and dangerous ways. As mayor it was my job constitutionally, to enforce the law. The Mormon leaders broke Federal law and made me equally culpable by telling me to be quiet.

  9. Jeff Foli Says:

    Its interesting to see a Governor Sara Palin seemingly stand up against the establishment and corruption be deemed a hero by her team, while I was deeded by my team, the Mormons, as a heratic or anti-christ. Oh how quickly do the tables turn. Is team more important than principle? When should a person stand up for what is right, or just follow the leader? Each and every person must make these judgements for themselves, and be prepared to accept the consequences either way. Life seems at times, like a big crapshoot. Why is it good people can square ideals to side with the republicans, while others on the democratic side, who are just as good, see life so differently. How can we come together? Party against paerty, religioun against religioun, where does it end?

  10. jeff foli Says:

    Mitt Romney is a very capable man, but to think where his ultimate loyalty lies is worth considering. I am from Missouri, which is a different kind of State, where the slogan is “Show Me”, not tell me, threaten me, or force me! The Mormons are building a new Temple in Liberty, and the influx will become ever more strong. The Missouri people are generally open and receptive to others even with differences, if they see they are being treated with respect and transparency. A mountain meadows massacre will not happen ever again if I have any ability to try to influence any misguided, gullible, or agenda ridden people. Whistle blowing is not an option for the LDS people. The stage is once again set for the possible tragedies of the past, which seem destined to repeat themselves unless ignorance is awakened. The Mormons are not the only ones with such ideals. Hitler, Jim Jones, and others have used the very same, becoming as a little child, and koolaid drinking, tactics to illicit loyalty and unity among the lemmings of their time. It is hard to believe that leaders set themselves up as God, and even have the gall to say that their law must be heeded above and beyond anything else even if their beliefs, ideals, or mandates run counter to the teachings of Jesus. The precedent Jesus gave us to follow is secondary to the rule of law that many modern religious leaders tout. I completely and totally sustain the modern Mormon leaders as Prophets, Seers, and Revelators. Whether they are true, false, or fallen Prophets, that is between them and God. I will listen to their council and will attempt to square their teachings and mandates with the life of Jesus. If I cannot square their ideas, I will pray for mercy and understanding at the judgment seat if I am ignorant or wrong. I would hope to believe that if God were to put me in charge of HIS system, I would have enough faith to point others to the principles of goodness and truth, and that if I failed to live up to or teach those principles, I should be ignored. I also believe that the same should apply if I did not honor the covenants or agreements I had made before God, witnesses, or governments. I tried for over 5 years to work out my differences privately, but was threatened then ignored. If the modern Mormon leaders have no intentions of being dishonest, illegal, or unethical, why should they fear doing anything less? May we learn our jurisdiction and respect others in other areas of authority, and not trample where we ought not to tread. Obedience is an important principle, but who should we give such loyalty? The Church, or God? Are they always one in the same? Have the traditions of our fathers purchased our souls only to sell them to another?

    Jeff Foli
    Former Mayor of Chillicothe Missouri

  11. Jeff Foli Says:

    What would Mitt Romney have done if the Prophet had threatened him with his church membership as was done to Chillicothe Missouri Mayor Jeff Foli? What loyalty would Mitt have place first and foremost? His constituents who elected him, or the church?

  12. jeff foli Says:

    I have just been informed that the Church reinstated and rebaptized by proxy, in the temple in SLC, my good friend Kenneth Henderson who passed away a few years ago, and who also had been excommunicated. I will tell those who want to give and take as if ruining and hurting others were a game, that they have no right to play this way with me. I will stand alone before God and I will appeal alone and stand responsible for my actions. I will have no church act in this way for me. The fact that the leaders at the very pinnacle play games and are incapable an untrustworthy of being honest and upright, shows me thier cowardice and ineptness and being able to be responsible for thier own actions. They have alowed the lives of countless people to be destroyed, and I tell them now, do not ever take my name and act in and for me in any way if I pass away. It disgusts me how the men at the very pinnacle think they have the power of life and death and so easily destroy peoples lives and then try to act as if they can make things right without any effort, or responsibilty for thier own actions. I will stand as a witness against them in the end, and I openly accept the opportunity to look them in the eyes at that time and testify against them. I am not happy that I feel the need to speak such harsh words, but I tell these cowardly men to stop playing thier games and deal with reality in this world, and forget the next, for when they get there, they will have a rude awakening.

  13. Frankie Mclean Says:

    The oppressors must die! Kane lives! We will purify this blog with a wall of flame by the power of nod!

  14. Frankie Mclean Says:

    I found you people in mud huts.. you were living in CAVES!”

  15. Frankie Mclean Says:

    GDI and the Brotherhood view the benefits… and threats of Tiberium, differently. They see a scientific anomaly, a curiosity. I see the future.

  16. Frankie Mclean Says:

    Kane lives in death!

  17. Frankie Mclean Says:

    “You’re only delaying the inevitable. I have the Tacitus. I am invincible. The Tacitus told me of Tiberium missiles, of invulnerable flying ships, of real-time genetic mutation. More than alien. More than human! The next step in our evolution as a species!”
    – Kane

  18. Frankie Mclean Says:

    “And he cried in a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come forth!’ And Lazarus did arise from the grave”
    – Kane

  19. Frankie Mclean Says:

    Your precious blog will be destroyed!

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