Will Ron Paul Lose It All?


L. Ron PaulNo wonder Ron Paul decided to “scale back” his hopeless Presidential campaign.  It would appear he is in danger of not only losing the Republican Presidential nomination, but his own congressional seat.

Despite millions of dollars and devoted online support, Ron Paul’s idiosyncratic campaign for the Republican presidential candidacy never caught fire. Now, polls show Dr. Paul falling behind relatively unknown challenger Chris Peden in his 14th Texas District endangering his congressional seat in the Texas primary.

Uh oh.  In Internet parlance, I LOL’d (laughed out loud).

While pursuing his thus far quixotic quest for the presidency, Congressman Paul has fallen behind by over ten points in the polls (43-32) in the fight for the Republican nomination in the Texas 14th to challenger Chris Peden, according to internal polls from both campaigns.

Ron PaulHe’s spent an incredible sum per delegate, thanks to the fanatical support of the Ron Paul Revolution cult, with little actual impact on the race.  And in the meantime, his hold on his Texas district has been slipping.

With reports for January 2008 not yet out, Congressman Paul has spent (according to OpenSecrets.org) $20,262,084 on his presidential campaign – well over a million dollars per delegate (he has 14 to John McCain’s 903). Paul still has nearly eight million in his presidential war chest, possibly more when the new report comes out on Feb. 20, but cannot use any of it in his contest against Peden unless the OBGYN-politician drops out of the presidential race.

Perhaps some are actually paying attention to the writing on the wall and seeing through the misguided fantasy campaign.

Paul’s supporters themselves seem to be worried. They have switched fund-raising efforts on their website The Daily Paul in recent days from the presidency to his congressional race.

Maybe after 2008, we’ll have heard the last from this kook.  We can only hope.

— Psycheout



10 Responses to “Will Ron Paul Lose It All?”

  1. Adam Says:


    If you are going to poke fun at the fact that Ron Paul says that our policies since the 1950’s have caused groups in the middle east to hate us, please defend your point of why you think that is NOT the case. I would very much like to know why you think extremist groups hate us.


  2. NH Says:

    I think the problem here is that his wins and double digit second place showings were never aired, and then, they outright lied and said he dropped out.

    I suppose that’s a good way to prevent people from voting for him.

    This is a phony conservative blog right? RINO? Liberal?

    People who pretend to be Republicans are the ones who are the KOOKS.
    You know, like McCain who is controlled by George Soros?

    Now there is something really seriously kooky.

  3. steven montross Says:

    Obviously anyone can put the word “conservative” on their blog. Unfortunately, your use of the word IS what conservative has come to mean in America today.

  4. JohnMcCain2008 Says:

    Ron Paul and his idiot puppets need to get over it already. They never stood a chance agsin the machine that is McCain.

  5. BJ Tabor Says:

    Adam @ “If you are going to poke fun at the fact that Ron Paul says that our policies since the 1950’s have caused groups in the middle east to hate us, please defend your point of why you think that is NOT the case. I would very much like to know why you think extremist groups hate us.”

    Adam, they hate America because they hate FREEDOM and they know America wants to FREE the Middle East.

  6. Tinlion Says:



    No srsly, please fall in a ditch and die.

  7. Brian-sama Says:

    Who cares about Ron Paul? He lost horribly. For that matter, Huckabee lost as well. At least the latter managed to go down swinging, I’ll give him that.

  8. Elephant Bones Says:

    Zoidberg’s a Republican?

  9. Michael D. Says:

    To psycheout and all that would believe the rubbish spewed by psycheout,

    Are you really so disconnected with reality that you believe the constitution is just a “god damned piece of paper”?

    Do you really believe that McCain is the better choice over a Ron Paul for us and this country? Change your name to psychotic.

    McCain and his ilk are bad for this country (savings and loan comes to mind). A recession caused by politics as usual isn’t enough to jar your beliefs that the two party system is a detriment to this country? The tactic is “keep em fighting amongst them selfs and they’ll never notice how we’re raping the country”. And you’re really falling for it hook line and sinker.

    Wake up and grow up. You don’t even know what freedom means do you? Let’s have an answer from this joke of an author. What does freedom mean to you you psychopath?

  10. Psycheout Says:

    Save your hysterics, Michael D., assuming that’s your real name.

    The Constitution is a goldarned piece of parchment, for your information. It gives us the right to bear arms, to choose our religion and speak out about the issues of the day, even if we are as deluded as you are. And you are if you think Ron Paul is the Second Coming. He’s not. And I’ve seen the Constitution, and I can assure you that it hasn’t been shredded or used as toilet paper or whatever you paranoids believe.

    Someday you’re going to wake up and realize that Ron Paul is not G-d and you will realize what a fool you’ve been. It’s Beatlemania all over again.

    Saint Paul is just some crazy moonbat who sounds the right note once in awhile for the politically naive. But in reality he’s a nutball version of Pied Piper who would cheerfully lead you and the other Paultard lemmings off a cliff.

    I am not without compassion, so I pray that one day you will wake up, grow up, and become an adult and dispense with the idol worship.

    And yes, I do know what freedom is. Not being part of the cult of Paul actually is really helpful in that regard. Ron Paul is a snake oil salesman. But if you have a good use for snake oil, put it to good use, my poor deluded friend.

    The sooner you grow up and become a conservative Republican, the better. And laying off the dope might help too.

    Good luck, pal. In the case of Ronny Paulie, it’s hook, line and stinker. Believe me, you will look back on your slobbering support for this nobody in years to come.

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