Is Ron Paul Finally Giving Up?


Ron Paul Straight JacketPerhaps Ron Paul is finally facing reality.  He has no chance whatsoever at the Republican nomination let alone the Presidency.  It would appear that the good doctor has decided to pursue a more realistic goal: saving his congressional seat.  Good plan, Ron!

Just as the liberal Ohio congressman [Dennis Kookspinach] realized last month that his long-shot presidential campaign was imperiling his prospects for keeping his House seat, Paul appears to be choosing the comfort of incumbency over a continued effort to win a nomination that he has virtually no shot at capturing.

In Ron Paul’s own words:

“I also have another priority. I have constituents in my home district that I must serve. I cannot and will not let them down. And I have another battle I must face here as well. If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat, all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas. I cannot and will not let that happen.”

And you Paultards can forget about a third party run (and a huge defeat).  That’s just a pipe dream.  In the pied piper’s own words:

“Of course, I am committed to fighting for our ideas within the Republican Party, so there will be no third-party run,” Paul said.  “I do not denigrate third parties — just the opposite, and I have long worked to remove the ballot-access restrictions on them. But I am a Republican, and I will remain a Republican.”

Bye bye, Ron Paul.  It’s been fun.  Thanks for keeping the race interesting, but you never really had a chance.  America does not want to cut and run.  Republicans do not want to cut and run.  Maybe you should have run for the Democrat party nomination.  You’d have had a better chance in the kook party.

— Psycheout


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14 Responses to “Is Ron Paul Finally Giving Up?”

  1. Anon Says:

    You’re an idiot, you know that? I can’t believe you want that warmonger McCrazy to be our next president–your blog is called Blogs 4 Conservatives, but let me just tell you that the conservatives hate him and what he stands for. Because he, scoff, reaches out to the Democrats.

    You and your conservatives have a really fucked up view on this country–Ron Paul IS a conservative. He just wants to get out of Iraq as soon as possible because it is an unconstitutional war. We shouldn’t be there, we shouldn’t be the policemen of the world, it’s not right.

    And you fucking jackass, they’re not Paultards. They believe in liberty, they believe in privacy and property rights—all that this current Administration has desecrated in the face of the American people.

    Bush still won’t change course in Iraq even though the majority of the American people want him to. The government forgets that they are hired by its people, they are not “deciders,” and they’re not supposed to be dictators.

    Close-minded conservatives are about the lowest of the low. You can’t open your eyes at all, heaven forbid you see straight in the first place. Ron Paul not winning the Presidential Election of 2008 will be the biggest loss this country will ever see–we need a fiscal conservative, and neither McCrazy, Obama, or Hilary is what we need.

    So when things come crashing down around us, take fair warning it will be people like you who are at fault.

  2. Steve R Says:

    One thing that Ron Paul’s preseidential campaign has done within the GOP and within the loose movement that calls itself conservative, is to bring the conveniently forgotten history of the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement into focus.

    So enough already with the incongruous rhetoric about cutting and running.

    The GOP’s foreign policy tradition throughout most of its history (until somewhere during my lifetime) has been identical to that of Ron Paul and of George Washington, namely to avoid entangling foreign alliances.

    The Democrats historically had been the American War Party, with Woodrow Wilson’s messianic obsession about inflicting his (and his allies’) vengeful vision on Europe directly responsible for the rekindling of what originally had been termed The Great War into what now is known as World War II, the geopolitical rise of the USSR, and the consequent post-WWII era called The Cold War.

    The late Senator Robert Taft of Ohio, who in his time was known as “Mr. Republican,” could have stood in without using notes for Congressman Ron Paul at any point during the debates. In Taft’s time even those who disagreed would not ever have considered rolling their eyes and sneering the way Messrs. McCain, Giuliani, Thompson and Romney did. (To his credit, Governor Huckabee refrained.)

    Taft was the GOP frontrunner for the 1952 Presidential nomination. Various influential people in the GOP and in the Democratic Party lobbied General Eisenhower to be their standard bearer, owing to Ike’s popularity coming out of WWII in Europe. Eisenhower who had few political opinions (which rather becomes a professional soldier), metaphorically flipped a coin and decided to seek the nomination of the Republicans. Owing to his personal popularity, Ike wrested the GOP nomination from Senator Taft.

    Although even General Eisenhower as President was wary of the trend toward military interventionism (hence his warning against the development of a ‘military-industrial complex’), from 1952 during the Cold War and beyond, the so-called ‘New Right’ (eventually dubbed ‘neoconservatives’) came increasingly to dominate the Republican Party as the Cold War continued. The very mentality against which Eisenhower warned — Taft died in the early 50’s — is essentially identical with that of the current Administration.

    The United States was in a state of continuous war, hot or cold, from 1941 until 1991 when Gorbachev formally dismantled the former Soviet Union.

    Two and a half generations of war footing and bunker mentality changed the dynamics within the GOP, and, for that matter, the dynamics within the Democratic Party.

    The current crop of politicians grew up knowing nothing BUT war. To be sure, however avoidable it might have been with a non-interventionist policy in place of Wilson’s lunacy, like the Nazis before them, the Soviet communists were truly evil incarnate and finding ourselves nose-to-nose and gunbarrel-to-gunbarrel with such nasty people, there was little choice but to defend against the threat.

    The problem is that even when the threat was defeated or neutralized, the mindset of military solutions to world problems was so ingrained that it persists to this day.

    I don’t care that you insist authentic conservatives like Ron Paul who are true to the heritage of the GOP (in contrast to the temporarily ascendant neoconservative militarists) are mistaken on policy. There is always room for discussion among civilized people who disagree.

    But I’m damned if I will sit by silently while history is hijacked and the lie is propagated that the so-called Old Right of Bob Taft and Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul is illegitimate and slandered as being of the ‘cut-and-run’ mindset.

    The best way to deal with a catastrophic mistake such as Iraq is to correct it, not brazen it out with the blood of patriotic American soldiers, and destroy the economy in the process.

    It is the neoconservatives who are interlopers in the GOP and the conservative movement. True, one can argue that coming from sixty years of siege mindset, they don’t know any better and with the exception of a few youngsters with critical thinking capability beyond that of the herd, they can’t be expected to. But wrong is wrong and history is history and lies are lies, no matter how plausible the arguments against them.

    Believe what you will, but at least now you will believe it with a fuller context and not in a vacuum of ignorance.

  3. Kevin Hart Says:

    The Ron Paul Movement will continue onward. The revolution is growing and will continue to grow.

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  5. Psycheout Says:

    Anon, when did I ever say that I want that “warmonger McCrazy to be our next president?”

    Why are most Ron Paul supporters so shrill and unhinged? Are you able to make your point without stooping to gratuitous profanity? Frankly you sound like a liberal to me.

  6. NH Says:

    He just won WASHINGTON STATE so I doubt he’s ‘giving up’.

  7. George Dance Says:

    Ron Paul hasn’t quit. From the Daily Dose (the Paul campaign HQ blog):

    “This Candidate Doesn’t Quit
    February 9th, 2008 by Dan McCarthy
    A few news sources are misreporting Ron Paul’s e-mail from last night. The presidential campaign is not ending, not being suspended, and not even drawing down. It’s slimming down and ramping up — with over twenty states having already voted, we’ve shed staff, and we’re concentrating financial and organization resources on the remaining states. We’re going to the convention, and we’re fighting for every vote and every National Delegate along the way.”

  8. Psycheout Says:

    NH, typing in all caps does not make it true. With 87% of the vote in, Ron Paul is in third place. A pretty good showing for Ron, to be sure. But it’s not a win unless you redefine the word.

    McCain (3,468) 26%
    Huckabee (3,226) 24%
    Paul (2,799) 21%
    Romney (2,253) 16%
    Uncommitted (1,729) 13%

    So Ron Paul won against Mitt Romney and Uncommitted, neither of whom are actually running.

    George Dance, the point is that Ron has sensibly stated that he cannot win the nomination at this point and will be focusing on his Congressional seat, a wise move IMHO. I have no problem with him staying in the race and trying to steer McCain in a more libertarian direction (won’t work) or at least keep fiscal issues on the table. But, let’s face it, he has only 16 delegates. Get real.

  9. Psycheout Says:

    Actually there still is a question of who actually won the Washington state caucus, but it certainly wasn’t Ron Paul.

  10. Billy Bob Neck Says:

    I’m gonna bet that even AFTER he drops out he’s gonna continue to “win” debates up until the end of the general election! Them Ronettes is like zombies – the only way to stop ’em is to shoot ’em through the head. Good riddance to that America-hating, drug-loving, homo-allowing RINO!

    God is Love!

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  12. Markay Says:

    thanks much, dude

  13. Michael D. Says:

    Billy bob neck you’re just waiting for the police to come and water board you aren’t you? You are the reason the government wants to take away MY GUNS. You are also the reason I will keep my guns. Good riddance to all ignorant bastards like yourself. When they catch you Billy, I say, let the torture begin!

  14. Aaron Says:

    A commie sadist at heart aren’t you Michael D.

    Is the D. for “douchebag”?!

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