Barack Obama: The Tax Man


Barack Obama and Jesse JacksonThere’s no doubt that if the Democrat party takes the White House and Congress in the coming election, that the old days of soak the rich and tax and spend will return with an unhinged fury.  This is especially the case if hope-monger Barry Obama gets the nod.  Over at The Corner, Larry Kudlow provides the numbers that will keep you up at night and wreck our economy.

The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore says Obama’s tax plan would add up to a 39.6 percent personal income tax, a 52.2 percent combined income and payroll tax, a 28 percent capital-gains tax, a 39.6 percent dividends tax, and a 55 percent estate tax. In other words, Sen. Obama is a very-high-tax candidate.

Yikes!  And if Barack Obama does indeed run against our presumptive nominee, John McCain, you can be nearly sure Obambi wins unless people begin to see through his empty rhetoric.  Barry talks a lot about “change,” but clearly after he’s done with his Sheriff of Nottingham act, change will be all that’s left in your pocket.

When it comes down to a battle between Clinton and Obama, I’m rooting for injuries.  The next four years following the 2008 election could very well be the end of America as we know it.  I wish I had some advice to give, but I’m afraid the future is looking rather bleak.  With Democrats in control of three branches of government, the end cannot be far off.

Pray for America.

— Psycheout


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3 Responses to “Barack Obama: The Tax Man”

  1. MH Says:

    Another 4 years with a conservative president only proves to be disastrous to our economy, the welfare of the people, and the security of our society. Our economy has plummeted to the likes of countries like Europe and China. It’s not okay for the “rich” to get “richer” when our children are not able to get medical attention when necessary, it’s not okay when millions of our hard working citizens are losing their homes as a result of our failing economy and the mishandling of four years worth of the countries budget. It is not okay when college tuition is to high to count and students can’t pay for their education due to the steady hiking of tuition. What will our future be in this downhill spiral; Because people have a problem with saying it’s not okay for the “rich” to get “richer”? That does not sound logical considering the circumstances. Its not okay when the “rich” are becoming “greedier”. The conservative party has had their chance in office and it didn’t work and it will not work this time. And yes, America is in some “hole”. Before the conservatives reached the front step of the White House we had money in the budget to pay on debts owed, but for some odd reason that money never made it to its destination instead, we are in more debt with nothing to pay it off with after this term. Nothing but corruption has been on the minds of the conservatives in office these past 2 terms, that is part of the reason we could not focus on what was going on with our economy because instead, the politicians who claimed to be working for America were to busy in front of our television sets for corrupt behavior behind closed doors. Also, this current party in office has had its chance to straighten out the war issue. Instead, they were to busy trying to figure out what the hell it is they were doing. It’s time for change and the conservative party has definitely changed the face of America temporarily, It’s time to restore America with a different party who is in it for all of America not just the “rich” because it is not necessary in a time of urgency to get any richer when the circumstance as such is rapidly wiping out our middle class society. This is not okay unless there is no sort of compassion in the individuals who believes that it is and if that is the case then I am here to say, that is not the American way and that is not what America represents. America represents everyone and all of its citizens are entitled to a means of living in their control, but not uncontrollable because of individuals who disregard the morals and values of this great system and country we call America.

  2. whydidyoudoit Says:

    The Clinton campaign didn’t have a healthcare plan befor it felled and they don’t have one now. Well to be honest, if everyone is a goverment employee, then the Clinton healthcare plan will work for everyone. Unfortunately some are self employed, independent contractors or work for private employors or small business. Under the Clinton healthcare plan these people would be penalized if they don’t pay for their healthcare. This means that most of your family members and friends will have their paychecks garnished. We all know that it doesn’t stop their if it is a goverment enforcement. There will be fines and then misdemeanors which is a criminal offense defined as less serious than a felony. Why did Ms. Clinton decide on this approach? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Big business, big Corporation call it what you will, they want their money back and in order for Ms. Clinton to get their support in her race to presidency she is giving victory to one side (the healthcare providers) by promising to them that she will have the poeople wages garnished if they continue to give healthcare. Thus allowing her to shout the words “UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE” This is a shady tactic and makes fools out of every american that falls for trick. The Obama healthcare plan is for the people. Poor people, middle class and rich people can rest assured that there is no tricks or penalties in the Obama healthcare plan. VOTE OBAMA!!

  3. jack fate Says:

    Any Conservative bemoaning the Democrats fiscal policy 11 months before a Democrat could even take over the White House, should look at their party’s history for the 25 years. You wouldn’t go to a gambling addict for financial advice, why should anyone listen to a Republican for fiscal advice? Don’t kid yourself.

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