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Barack Obama: The Tax Man

February 11, 2008

Barack Obama and Jesse JacksonThere’s no doubt that if the Democrat party takes the White House and Congress in the coming election, that the old days of soak the rich and tax and spend will return with an unhinged fury.  This is especially the case if hope-monger Barry Obama gets the nod.  Over at The Corner, Larry Kudlow provides the numbers that will keep you up at night and wreck our economy.

The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore says Obama’s tax plan would add up to a 39.6 percent personal income tax, a 52.2 percent combined income and payroll tax, a 28 percent capital-gains tax, a 39.6 percent dividends tax, and a 55 percent estate tax. In other words, Sen. Obama is a very-high-tax candidate.

Yikes!  And if Barack Obama does indeed run against our presumptive nominee, John McCain, you can be nearly sure Obambi wins unless people begin to see through his empty rhetoric.  Barry talks a lot about “change,” but clearly after he’s done with his Sheriff of Nottingham act, change will be all that’s left in your pocket.

When it comes down to a battle between Clinton and Obama, I’m rooting for injuries.  The next four years following the 2008 election could very well be the end of America as we know it.  I wish I had some advice to give, but I’m afraid the future is looking rather bleak.  With Democrats in control of three branches of government, the end cannot be far off.

Pray for America.

— Psycheout


Bob Dole To Rush Limbaugh: Get Real

February 4, 2008

Bob DoleFor whatever reason, Rush Limbaugh has spent much of his time attacking Mike Huckabee and John McCain. It seems he is a closeted Rombot. And that is just sad. Distinguished Senator and war hero Bob Dole recently wrote a letter to Rush trying to set him straight on McCain.

Did Limbaugh serve in the Senate and observe McCain’s voting record? Um, no. Bob Dole did.

I was the Republican Leader from January 1985 until I left the Senate voluntarily in June 1996. I worked closely with Senator McCain when he came to the Senate in 1987 until I departed. I cannot recall a single instance when he did not support the Party on critical votes.

How about a laundry list proving that John McCain is not a dirty liberal? OK.

  1. Consistent pro-life record
  2. Strong advocate for strict constructionist judges
  3. Supported voluntary school prayer
  4. Supported Constitutional Amendment for a Balanced Budget
  5. Strong advocate for reducing spending and opposing pork barrel “ear marks” which has, I might add, angered some of his colleagues
  6. Consistent on defending Second Amendment rights
  7. Opposed “Hillary Care” which would have been devastating
  8. Probably the Senate’s strongest advocate for strong national defense

What more do you need, El Rushbo? A cabinet position?

Mitt RomneyIf your favorite chameleonic robot (since you don’t attack him, it’s pretty obvious), Mitt Romney, is guaranteed to lose. And you know what that means.

Whoever wins the Republican nomination will need your enthusiastic support. Two terms for the Clintons are enough.

Is Rush perhaps eagerly anticipating the heady days of the Clinton Administration when he got to be on the attack against the libs day after day? Perhaps. Because Mitt Romney cannot win. Mark my words.

Bob Dole - War HeroAnd unlike Mittens, both McCain and Dole have served our country, honorably. Something you never got around to doing. You even claimed that by working for your campaign your sons were serving their country. Doesn’t McCain have sons in the military, actually serving our great nation in the war against militant Islam, unlike you?

McCain is a friend and I proudly wore his P.O.W. bracelet bearing his name while he was still a guest at the “Hanoi Hilton.” I believe our major candidates are mainstream conservatives and that our nominee will address our concerns by keeping taxes low, reducing corporate taxes, protecting and assisting the vulnerable, strengthening our traditional values, and above all, keeping America strong militarily, whatever the cost.

What more do you need? While Mike Huckabee would be a much stronger social conservative, it looks like it may be a choice between McCain and Mittens. If that’s the choice, it ain’t Mittens. Springtime is almost here.

Lighten up, Rush. Stop burning those bridges, unless you’re secretly rooting for Hitlery. And if you are, we’re done. Buh bye. And take Trannie Annie with you.

More at The Politico and Race 4 2008.

— Psycheout

Giuliani Set To Endorse McCain

January 29, 2008

John McCain and Rudy GiulianiUnconfirmed conversations are going on between the John McCain and Rudy Giuliani campaigns. It’s very likely that Giuliani will drop out of the race after a very pathetic and disappointing third or fourth place finish. Florida was Rudy’s firewall, after all. He has experienced a very predictable firebreak. The more people learn about the guy, the less they like him.

But here’s the developing news as reported by Time:

SOURCES: Giuliani expected to endorse McCain, as early as Wednesday – in Los Angeles or Simi Valley.

Now that the Sunshine has set, two old friends come to an understanding.

McCain topper Rick Davis has quietly moved an agreement to near final.


The big questions are: will Rudy campaign for McCain as well as endorsing him? And will that hurt or help him?

Update: Related: Silky Pony saddles up and rides off into the sunset.

— Psycheout

Rudy Giuliani Sinking in Florida Swamps

January 11, 2008

Rudy Giuliani Stress TestRudy Giuliani has abandoned state after state when he has seen his poll numbers fall. He has drawn a line in the sand in Florida, where he is spending his remaining campaign funds. Money is so tight that his campaign staff isn’t even being paid anymore. Now it appears that that line may have been drawn in quicksand. John McCain has overtaken Giuliani in Florida!

  • John McCain 27% (10%)
  • Rudy Giuliani 19% (29%)
  • Mitt Romney 17% (20%)
  • Mike Huckabee 17% (24%)
  • Fred Thompson 8% (8%)
  • Ron Paul 5% (-)

SurveyUSA summarizes the poll this way:

Suddenly, NH Win Slingshots McCain Past Giuliani in Florida Republican Primary: Rudolph Giuliani, who had led in a Florida Republican Primary by as many as 14 points in previous SurveyUSA tracking polls, today trails John McCain by 8 points, fighting with Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney to hold onto 2nd place, 3 days after McCain won the New Hampshire Primary.

What an incredible reversal of fortune! A McCain surge in Florida. This will be a race to remember.

Hat Tip: Race 4 2008.

Update: Giuliani’s national finance chair, Roy Bailey, co-founding partner of Giuliani’s consulting firm is no longer being paid either.  Why?  He bailed.  He’s no longer working for Rudy, the sinking ship.
— Psycheout

Mittens Going Down in Flames?

January 5, 2008

New Hampshire primaryThe latest polling from New Hampshire shows Romney dropping behind McCain. Can Mitt Romney survive a one-two punch when he was literally banking on winning both Iowa and New Hampshire?

The most startling poll comes from ARG:

John McCain 35% (30%)
Mitt Romney 25% (30%)
Mike Huckabee 12% (11%)
Ron Paul 9% (7%)
Rudy Giuliani 8% (9%)
Fred Thompson 1% (3%)
Duncan Hunter 1% (1%)
Alan Keyes 1% (1%)

    If that’s accurate, Mitt dropped 5 points while McCain gained the same making a 10 point spread between the two candidates.

    The next poll, from Rasmussen shows a similar trend:

    John McCain 31% (27%)
    Mitt Romney 26% (31%)
    Ron Paul 14% (7%)
    Mike Huckabee 11% (11%)
    Rudy Giuliani 8% (13%)
    Fred Thompson 5% (3%)

      Again, Mitt dropped and McCain gained. And look at little upstart Ron Paul go! Although this might be an outlier that overestimates Paul’s chances.

      The main thing to notice here is that Mitt Romney and the millions he spent to con the voters and buy his way into the nomination may soon be a memory, even if he manages to win the virtually empty state of Wyoming today. The victory, like the state itself, would be an empty one — a souvenir, or consolation prize, for Team Mittens on its way out the door.

      — Psycheout

      The Iowa Caucus Results

      January 3, 2008

      Iowa CaucusJust a quick post, which I will update in a bit, maybe.

      I was right.

      1. Huckabee 34%
      2. Romney 25%
      3. McCain 13%
      4. Thompson 13%

      And I may still be right about the party of treason:

      1. Obama 38%
      2. Clinton 29%
      3. Edwards 30%

      Although Clinton and Edwards are still locked in mortal combat for second place.

      Chris Dodd (DemocRAT) will drop out of the race.

      Chuck Norris is a happy man tonight.

      It’s been a good night for America. G-d bless Iowa. G-d bless you all.

      Update: It looks like Fred Thompson may have moseyed his way into third place at the last minute. Congratulations to grandpa Fred.

      Update 2: Ha ha – Kookspinach and Gravel got 0 votes! Dodd got 1, Biden got 23, Richardson got 51. Note to Kookspinach and Gravel: give it up. It’s over. Ron Paul at 10% gets 5th. Buh bye, Ronnie. It’s downhill from here. Ghouliani got a whopping 4%. So much for your winning strategy, Rudy.

      Update 3: Joe Biden to drop out as well after an anemic performance. Please drop out too, Rudy Giuliani.

      Update 4: Further predictions: Hunter won’t stick it out much longer, although he might well be on the short list for Secretary of Defense.  Cox will keep up his silent running candidacy, but nobody will notice.  Those who do will laugh.  Paul will stick it out to the bitter end, taking home lots of suckers’ money just like the last time he ran.  Thankfully he hasn’t got a prayer.  Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

      Crossposted at: Blogs 4 Brownback.

      See also: Race 4 2008’s Open Thread.

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      — Psycheout

      Everyone Hates Mitt and HillDog

      December 22, 2007

      I Hate YouWell not everyone, but these two horrid candidates, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton, have the highest negatives, in terms of voter resistance, of the entire field.  And that includes kooks like Ron Paul and Dennis Kookspinach.  Now, that’s really saying something!

      Among the leading Presidential candidates, New York Senator Hillary Clinton and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney have the highest level of core opposition among voters. Forty-seven percent (47%) say they will vote against each of these candidates no matter who else is on the ballot.

      Oops, maybe I spoken too soon.  Denny and Ronnie are hardly “leading” candidates.  So never mind about that.  But what’s also interesting is who’s on the other extreme, as far as the fickle public is concerned.  Who do voters hate the least?  The answer may surprise you.

      At the opposite end of the spectrum is Arizona Senator John McCain. For the second straight month, McCain finds himself with the smallest level of core opposition–just 33% say they will definitely vote against him.

      Polling DataAs for the rest of the field…

      42% will definitely vote against Giuliani, 38% against Edwards, 36% against Obama, 34% against Huckabee, 34% against Thompson.

      So McCain barely edges out Fred! and Huck in terms of not being hated.  What’s also odd, however is this revelation:

      As for core support, Clinton is also on top. Thirty percent (30%) will definitely vote for her and 29% will definitely vote for Obama. Edwards and Giuliani have core support from 23%, McCain from 22%, Thompson and Huckabee from 21%, and Romney from 19%.

      So let’s see, Hillary and Mitt are the most hated, while HillDog has the most core support while Mitt has the least.  Romney’s dead last.  But the Rombots in that 19% pool really swoon for the plastic phoney.  It’s actually rather incredible to read comments on blogs written by these folks.  They would literally die for Mittens.

      Summary: Mitt is a double negative, Hillary is a zero.

      Confused?  Me too!  This is one strange primary season!

      Maybe eyeon08 or Ed Morrissey can help untangle this mess and explain it for us.  I hope so.  Because, frankly, I’m lost.

      — Psycheout

      Joke of the Day

      November 19, 2007

      Richard Nixon LaughingThis was passed along via email by B4C reader, DaddyWarbucks:

      Hillary Clinton voted about $600,000 funding for a Woodstock (rock festival) Museum federal funding bill – money earmarked and thrown into a massive funding bill.

      John McCain’s debate zinger that contrasted Clinton’s earmark support for a Woodstock museum with his own experience in the Woodstock era — “I would have gone, but I was tied up at the time.”

      == he was a POW in North Vietnam at the time ==

      And it’s all true.  Good zinger, McCain!

      — Psycheout

      A Tale of Two Endorsements

      November 7, 2007
      Brownback and Robertson
      Pat Robertson and Sam Brownback

      Today was a big day for political endorsements. Two conservative heavyweights weighed in, and in this political referee’s humble opinion it was a split decision.

      In one corner, we have Sam Brownback, former Presidential candidate, current Senator and future Governor of Kansas and in the other is Pat Robertson, former Presidential candidate and founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and the Christian Coalition. Both are huge stars on the socon stage.

      First the good news: Sam Brownback did not endorse Rudy Giuliani. Now the bad news: Pat Robertson did. Amazing isn’t the word.  Perhaps “shocking” would suffice.