Long Overdue “On Hiatus” Notice


On HiatusBlogs 4 Conservatives has regretfully taken down its shingle for now. Although the fight to make America the conservative haven it should be is long from over. As longtime B4B author, auteur and founder Sisyphus has been snapped up by Homeland Security for his expertise on keeping America safe, it has fallen on my tired shoulders to keep Blogs 4 Brownback the vibrant news source it once was and always shall be. This is nearly an impossible task. Tens of thousands of brilliant minds have relied on B4B to keep them informed. How can I live up to the demand? I can only pray that I am up to the task.

For now, I hope you will consider B4B the best hope and greatest example of vibrant conservative thought. And I hope you will join me over there, keeping the libtards at bay.

Anyone who would like to help me there or here can always contact me on B4C’s Team page. Now I regret rejecting so many applicants who wanted to help out. But we only accept the very best. The highest of standards must be maintained. Sisyphus’ very large shoes (size 14+) will be extremely hard to fill. So I am reaching out to the conservative community. Want to be a part of the most exciting and popular conservative site on the Internet? Please apply. Your country needs you. The world needs you. Conservatism itself needs you.

The gay agenda will not defeat itself, you know.

— Psycheout
B4C & B4C Correspondent

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11 Responses to “Long Overdue “On Hiatus” Notice”

  1. Mick Says:

    Great blog and name. Keep pumping out the truth.

  2. spacebrother Says:

    Knowing Stinkyfist’s shoe size is clearly a sign of chronic homosexuality. Must be a Liberal McCain supporting viewpoint.

  3. MJ "revoltingpawn" Says:

    “the best hope and greatest example of vibrant conservative thought”?

    God, I would think with comments like “libtards” and “The gay agenda will not defeat itself” it would be more like “”the best hope and greatest example of vibrant ignorant thought”. Goodbye…

  4. Frankie Mclean Says:

    This blog is mine! Submit to your great leader Frankie Mclean!

  5. Frankie Mclean Says:

    Never Gonna Give You Up!

  6. Frankie Mclean Says:

    Rick Roll’D!

  7. Frankie Mclean Says:

    I declare victory!

  8. Frankie Mclean Says:

    Frankie is never gonna give this blog up!

  9. Frankie Mclean Says:

    HA HA HA! I have defeated all you posters! I declare this blog rightfully in my name!

  10. Frankie Mclean Says:

    F U C K YOU!

  11. d Says:

    Frankie did u bribe ur way out of mental institution ?

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