The B4C Team is dedicated to bringing you, our readers, the latest and most important news of the day in politics and issues important to families. The family is the most important institution of all, and it is through politics that we enforce our family-friendly agenda. The B4C Team is made up of many unnamed members of the B4B Team as we move forward to promote the conservative agenda of the greatest country on the planet: The United States of America.

Psycheout (psycheout23 at gmail dot com): Founder and editor in chief of B4C. It is my mission to keep the conservative movement alive in the 21st Century and beyond. My heroes are Jesus Christ, George W. Bush and Sam Brownback, in no particular order.

The B4C Team: Some of the smartest people in the news-gathering business. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the quality of B4C reportage.


5 Responses to “Team”

  1. AMarriedLady Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and adding me to your links. I have added B4B and B4C as links to my page. As you may have guessed, I’m new to blogging (writing, not reading) and believe I have found a like mind in you and your compadres here and at B4B. (I linked to you via Raw Story.) I would be honored to write a guest post. Do you have any particular topics in mind or should I just submit something once I write it? Thanks again!

  2. Psycheout Says:

    Certainly. I know a good blog when I see one, and I saw one today.

    I sent you an email, assuming I have the correct address. Just sign up for a WordPress login and I will add you to the contributor list. Then you can write at your leisure. I have no particular topics in mind. A writer knows what best to write about. I can tell just from the few posts you have done over on your own blog and through a few of your comments over at B4B that you likely have the right stuff.

    There is no pressure of course and no rush. If you feel like doing it (and your husband approves of course), there is a place at the B4C table for you. This does not mean that you should not focus on your own blog. But I have a feeling that you will be able to contribute commentary of value for the conservative community.

  3. bobcorker Says:

    Thank you for allowing me to write a blog, Psycheout. I think I will start my own, but you are welcome to invite me for another post anytime.

  4. Frankie Mclean Says:

    This blog is mine!

    Fight or die!

  5. Frankie Mclean Says:

    This is my finest hour!

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