Faithmouse on “The Speech”


Faithmouse speaks for all of us in this timely cartoon by Dan Lacey.


Heh, indeed.  Maybe Flipper will announce on Thursday that he’s converting to Southern Baptist.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

See also: Mitt Romney Rolls the Dice.

— Psycheout


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3 Responses to “Faithmouse on “The Speech””

  1. Warrior Jodie Says:

    That’s about the cutest blame thing I seen in a long time! Then only thing missing from that to make it 110% ACCURATE was if 2 or 3 of Mitt’s wives was drawn in there LOL!

  2. TallDave Says:

    Ha ha ha!!! This is really funny. Screw you, Romney! You’re a MORMON!

  3. Elephant Bones Says:

    wow, faithmouse finally made a comic that could be considered funny. bravo

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