Grover Likes Rude Rudy


Hi!  May I drown you in the bathtub?Apparently Grover Norquist’s got enough of a manly crush on Rudy Giuliani to overlook the tiny fact that he refused to sign the no tax increase pledge. After all, Rudy may have some extracurricular ways to spend tax monies for his own, er, benefit. Interesting. So what’s really going on here? In Grover’s words:

In looking at the records of all the Republican candidates, yours clearly stands out.

Clearly. Perhaps I can think of some other records for Grover to check out. They clearly stand out as well. Perhaps I can help make them stand out a little more for you.

See also: The sordid Rudy files at B4C and B4B. It’ll make your head spin.

Upon reflection:  Maybe I’m not being fair to Grover.  His primary concern is shrinking government down to the size where it can be drowned in the bathtub.  That’s great!  But he apparently doesn’t care how it gets there.  That’s bad.

I guess Rudy hiring cronies and spending taxpayer money for hizzoner’s own benefit is just fine with Grover, as long as that drowning eventually takes place.  Ends justify the means….

— Psycheout



4 Responses to “Grover Likes Rude Rudy”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    This is a major coup for Rudy. Grover has been notoriously anti-endorsement keeping his cards close to the chest. Something major must have happened to change his mind.

    And if you’re so worried about hypocrisy on pledges, look to Ron Paul. Here’s the champion of Term Limits in the 1980s, the very guy who introduced the first Term Limits legislation ever in Congress, now balking at signing the Term Limits Pledge by USTL.

    Prediction: More and more Paulbots will start peeling off from him, and rallying around “libertarian lite” – Rudy Giuliani, to ward off the SoCon Huckabee.

    Libertarians for Giuliani

  2. Ryan McTaxalittle Says:

    What this post ignores is that the letter from Grover is a response to Rudy taking the Pledge. He sent a letter to Grover in which he promised to “never raise taxes under any circumstances.”

    That’s the same way George W. Bush took the Pledge in 1999.

    Now the only two non-Pledge takers are Fred Thompson and John McCain.

  3. Psycheout Says:

    Taking the pledge is not signing the pledge. That’s what your comment ignores. Nice try though.

  4. TallDave Says:

    No doubt, Psyche out.

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