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Clannad: Exception To the Rule?

December 8, 2007

ClannadI have been doing my best to be fair to the Narutards and animaniacs ever since I first pointed out that anime encourages murder.  Well at least most anime.  I may have found an anime, at last, that breaks with smutty convention.  And for that I am thankful.

Clannad appears to be the story of a young man who doesn’t much like his family, which is of course a bit of a sin in itself.  But it’s hard not to feel a little sorry for this guy.  His mother died when he was a child and his father has fallen into Satan’s clutches: he gambles, he drinks, he doesn’t work.  He’d probably even vote for Democrats.

But the young man, a senior in high school, meets a young girl, also a high school senior, who has a wonderful, although apparently secular, family.  And from this chance encounter he learns what it means to have family values.  He seems to have a genuine interest in this young lady and perhaps even wedding bells are in their future.  It still looks like there’s the possibility that there will be perversion in future episodes, this is Japanimation after all, but so far this looks very inspirational.

Take a look at the first episode (which is all I have seen so far).  I think this might be suitable for older teens, provided that they have their parents’ supervision while watching.  Apparently “Clannad” means “clan” or “family.”  And if there’s an anime about family, rather than panties, it just might be worth checking out.

I hope that this is the one anime that isn’t infested with devil worship, pedophilia and violence.  I want to be cautious about this one, since anime is usually quite apparently evil.  Let’s cross our collective fingers on this one.

Update: I have done some further research on Clannad and discovered that it’s based on a game, a dating simulator, of the same name.  That gave me pause.  However, it appears that it is the first of its kind to not include “hentai” (porno) content.  That was its selling point, believe it or not!  If this is a beginning of a trend I salute Key/VisualArts for breaking away and truly celebrating the family.

This may be an anime I, and you, can watch to its conclusion.  But then again it may not be.  I will let you, dear readers, know in the near future.

Update 2: Apparently you can download episodes from a website called animesuki.  I don’t recommend showing episodes to your teenage children until you have a chance to screen them, but so far this appears to be the pinnacle of anime.  And that’s not saying much.  We can only hope.

— Psycheout