Ralph Nader To the Rescue?

January 30, 2008 by

Ralph NaderWith the departure of Kookspinach and Silky Pony, there is a void in the ultra far left kook wing of the Democrat party. Ralph Nader sees his chance to once again play the “progressive” spoiler. Republicans should open up their wallets again and support him. He’s just what we need to assure a Huckabee or McCain victory. With wackjob Nader in the race, perhaps even the stomach turning empty suit Mittens Romney might have a chance if he somehow buys the GOP nomination. But admittedly that would be the worst case scenario.

Ralph Nader has formed a presidential exploratory committee, and said in an interview Wednesday that he will launch another presidential bid if he’s convinced he can raise enough money to appear on the vast majority of state ballots this fall.

With both Ralph Nader and Ron Paul siphoning the anti-war and uber-kook vote from the leftist candidate, even our weakest candidate could win.

Nader, who ran as an independent candidate in each of the past three presidential elections, told ABCNews.com that he will run in 2008 if he is convinced over the next month that he would be able to raise $10 million over the course of the campaign — and attract enough lawyers willing to work free of charge to get his name on state ballots.

There’s a website already set up. Perhaps if enough Republicans pledge to donate funds or legal assistance, the old goat will be convinced to run again, ensuring a Republican in the White House in 2008. It just might be worth it.

Nader said he filed papers with the Federal Election Commission and launched a Web site after Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Ohio congressman, announced his decision to withdraw from the presidential race last week.

He was set to announce that he had formed an exploratory committee Wednesday, even before former Sen. John Edwards made it known that he’d be ending his candidacy.

Listen to this kook! Size up his enormous ego! This is awesome:

“When Kucinich threw in the towel, now you have Edwards gone — who’s going to carry the torch of democratic populism against the relentless domination of powerful corporations of our government?”

Why, Ralph Nader, super kook of course! He hasn’t let us down the last two election cycles. Why not help us out for a third?

This might be the best news of the campaign season. Run, Ralph, Run!

See also: Hot Air.

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— Psycheout


Giuliani Set To Endorse McCain

January 29, 2008 by

John McCain and Rudy GiulianiUnconfirmed conversations are going on between the John McCain and Rudy Giuliani campaigns. It’s very likely that Giuliani will drop out of the race after a very pathetic and disappointing third or fourth place finish. Florida was Rudy’s firewall, after all. He has experienced a very predictable firebreak. The more people learn about the guy, the less they like him.

But here’s the developing news as reported by Time:

SOURCES: Giuliani expected to endorse McCain, as early as Wednesday – in Los Angeles or Simi Valley.

Now that the Sunshine has set, two old friends come to an understanding.

McCain topper Rick Davis has quietly moved an agreement to near final.


The big questions are: will Rudy campaign for McCain as well as endorsing him? And will that hurt or help him?

Update: Related: Silky Pony saddles up and rides off into the sunset.

— Psycheout

Kookspinach Calls It Quits

January 24, 2008 by

Mad Tin Foil HatterDennis Kookspinach has raised his thumb hoping a UFO will pick him up. Happy trails, kook. Don’t forget your towel.

Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the Democratic race for president.

Thank G-d.

Kucinich will make the announcement Friday at a news conference in Cleveland. In an exclusive interview with Plain Dealer editors and reporters, Kucinich said he will explain his “transition” tomorrow.

Transistion from irrelevance to irrelevance, shorty.

“I want to continue to serve in Congress,” he said.

Smart Americans hope you lose, along with fruitbat Ron Paul. How’s that for bipartisanship?

Kucinich said he will not endorse another Democrat in the primary.

That 0.05% will surely be missed. Get lost, kook.

— Psycheout

Who Let the Dogs Out?

January 21, 2008 by

Who Let the Dogs Out?Mitt!  Mitt!  Yes, Mitt Romney tried desperately to demonstrate his hip gangsta side at a Martin Luther King, Jr. parade to the embarrassment of sensible people everywhere.

As he posed for a picture with a group of young people, the typically old-fashioned Romney was relaxed enough to quote from a popular hit single from a few years back.

“Who let the dogs out?” he called out, as he stood there beaming in his shirt and tie. “Who! Who!”

But it gets worse.

He took pictures with many in the crowd and greeted one baby wearing a necklace saying, “Hey buddy! How’s it going? What’s happening? You got some bling bling here!”

Groan.  If that doesn’t make you cringe, nothing will.

— Psycheout

Not Just a Paper Tiger

January 18, 2008 by

Tony the TigerIt looks like the tiger victims brought it on themselves.  They must have been similar to those libtards that embarrass our nation, shouting “no blood for oil!” or “Bush lied, tigers died!”

One of the two survivors of the San Francisco Zoo tiger attack that left a 17-year-old dead told the victim’s father that the three had yelled and waved at the animal while standing atop the railing of the tiger’s exhibit, police said in court documents filed Thursday.

When will the youth of today ever learn?  I suppose once they grow up they will become conservatives.  We can take solace in that at least.

Still not convinced that these idiots were liberals?  Check it:

Investigators seized a small amount of marijuana as well as a partially filled bottle of Grey Goose vodka from the car, according to the inventory that police submitted from the search.

They also found a kit commonly used to defeat drug testing, which included a vial of unisex synthetic urine, police said. Paul Dhaliwal was on probation stemming from a drunken driving incident that occurred before the attack.

That’s known as a leftist party kit.  What idiots.

— Psycheout

The Death of Authenticity

January 16, 2008 by

Mitt RomneyYes, friends. Michigan has failed America. With a little help from Daily Kos DemocRATs, the mitten state has chosen a pander bear rather than a leader. Michigan has been a failure for decades, and now it has proven the inability of its own people to make informed choices. I weep for our nation.

Mitt Romney’s victory in Michigan was a defeat for authenticity in politics.

The former Massachusetts governor pandered to voters, distorted his opponents’ record and continued to show why he’s the most malleable – and least credible – major presidential candidate.

And it worked.

Poor deluded fools. Perhaps there should be an intelligence test prior to voter registration. If you’re too stupid to think, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Here’s Mr. Say Anything in his most blatant pander:

“I’ve heard people say that the auto jobs are gone and they’re never coming back,” Romney told his audiences. “Well, baloney, I’m going to fight for every single good job.”

Of course, he’d fight for every job. So would McCain, or any future president. But how?

How about showering tax dollars on his home state at our expense? Sure, why not. This is Mittens employing classic double-speak:

“I’m not open to a bailout, but I am open to a workout,” Romney said of the auto industry, even as he vowed to spend $20 billion over five years for research on energy, fuels, automotive technology and material sciences. How many Michigan voters mistook that that for a multibillion-dollar bailout pledge?

A workout, not a bailout? What in the world does that even mean? Words have meanings, but it doesn’t matter to this unprincipled used car salesman. Mitt Romney’s nose grew and his pants are on fire, but nobody seemed to notice. The idiot voters fell for it. Pathetic.

Let’s hope voters in other states aren’t quite so stupid to choose I, Robot. Mitt Romney is the Zelig of politics. Why can’t some people see through this chameleon?

— Psycheout

You Owe Me a Quad Ice Mocha

January 15, 2008 by

The other day I was just skimming though the leftist “comedy” site Sadly No and inexplicably spurted out a quad ice mocha onto my monitor. It seems they have found a Mark Steyn/Hugh Hewitt action set.

Mark Steyn / Hugh Hewitt Action Set

Full disclosure: Huge Hewitt is a Romney fanboy and elf crusher.

— Psycheout

Romney Wins in Michigan?

January 15, 2008 by

Mitt RomneyWorst case scenario. Def-con-five. Mittens takes his home state.

Who cares, really, other than the Rombots?

Bend over GOP, we have no viable frontrunner.

Update: Romney News Network (CNN) has called it for Romney. I think we’re going to be collectively sick.

Update 2: In his gloating victory speech, Romney mentioned Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as his role models. Not George Bush, not George W. Bush, but George H.W. Bush. Is he trying to run against our current President?

Update 3: Alexander K. McClure at Race 4 2008 was paying attention too:

Tonight:  ”I take my inspiration from Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.”

In 1994, running against Ted Kennedy:  “I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.”

If the Republican Party nominates this shameless politician, it doesn’t deserve to retain the White House.

Sweet.  100% right, Alex.

See also: You Owe Me a Quad Ice Mocha.

— Psycheout

Weeping Willard

January 11, 2008 by

No More TearsMichelle Malkin is onto something. She points out Mitt’s latest boo hoo moment (a craven attempt at the Clinton strategy that paid off in New Hampshire):

In his first state campaign stop in Grand Rapids, a voter fondly recalled his father, George, former Michigan governor and CEO of AMC. “He was a great man and I miss him dearly,” said the candidate, choking up.

And then she points out the obvious:

Look, I hate to sound harsh, but we live in a time of war. If the Democrats want to nominate a 9/10-era candidate whose eyes leak like a faucet whenever push comes to shove, fine.

But Republicans do not need an Oprah in a three-piece suit.

Republicans should not nominate a phony who will say anything and even weep on cue. We’re better and smarter than the left.

Turn off the waterworks. Mitt Romney becoming Weeping Willard won’t turn my vote. It only turns my stomach. Is he going to cry for the terrorists so that they won’t be mean to us? Give me a break. Give America a break.

— Psycheout

Rudy Giuliani Sinking in Florida Swamps

January 11, 2008 by

Rudy Giuliani Stress TestRudy Giuliani has abandoned state after state when he has seen his poll numbers fall. He has drawn a line in the sand in Florida, where he is spending his remaining campaign funds. Money is so tight that his campaign staff isn’t even being paid anymore. Now it appears that that line may have been drawn in quicksand. John McCain has overtaken Giuliani in Florida!

  • John McCain 27% (10%)
  • Rudy Giuliani 19% (29%)
  • Mitt Romney 17% (20%)
  • Mike Huckabee 17% (24%)
  • Fred Thompson 8% (8%)
  • Ron Paul 5% (-)

SurveyUSA summarizes the poll this way:

Suddenly, NH Win Slingshots McCain Past Giuliani in Florida Republican Primary: Rudolph Giuliani, who had led in a Florida Republican Primary by as many as 14 points in previous SurveyUSA tracking polls, today trails John McCain by 8 points, fighting with Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney to hold onto 2nd place, 3 days after McCain won the New Hampshire Primary.

What an incredible reversal of fortune! A McCain surge in Florida. This will be a race to remember.

Hat Tip: Race 4 2008.

Update: Giuliani’s national finance chair, Roy Bailey, co-founding partner of Giuliani’s consulting firm is no longer being paid either.  Why?  He bailed.  He’s no longer working for Rudy, the sinking ship.
— Psycheout