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December 14, 2007

SonriseI’m just brainstorming here, but given the current Huckaboom and hints at a potential Huckasweep, I think I’ve come up with a good campaign slogan for Mike Huckabee. Huck, you’re free to use this.

Sonrise in America

Maybe some of you are too young to remember Reagan’s “Morning in America” ads that revived optimism after the malaise days of the disastrous Jimmah Carter Presidency had finally been stamped. And Ed Rollins, who recently signed on to Huckabee’s campaign, engineered that 1984 landslide victory for the Reagan/Bush Administration.

Here’s that ad. Roll the tape.

It’s time for a new morning in America, it’s time for a Sonrise. In His Holy name. Amen.

— Psycheout


Reflections on Today’s GOP Debate

December 12, 2007

Mike Huckabee on Bass!I agree with much of what was said about today’s debate after I saw a replay. I think it was stupid to have it on in the middle of the day when most people are working. But it didn’t matter much. It was pretty darn boring.

I’m going to have to agree with ABC’s assessment. Mike Huckabee won. He didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, however. He was just himself. The reason I say he won is that he had the momentum, the so-called Huckaboom, going into this debate, and he didn’t mess up. So he still has that momentum going for him.

The very fact that he wasn’t gutted like a fish and eviscerated by his opponents, who were all pretty lackluster, allowed him to win by default. And Huck was actually asked questions beyond the narrow scope of religion and faith today.

Alan Keyes actually came off looking like the fire and brimstone fundamentalist candidate tonight. By contrast, aw shucks Huck appeared more like a friendly next door neighbor guy whose faith is important to him, but not in a threatening way. He wouldn’t have appeared scary even to secular types. I’m sure that reassured moderate Republicans and swing voters.

One thing a lot of people seemed to have missed, however, was how the debate ended. The moderator closed with “happy holidays.” There it was, right in your face, and many seemed to have missed it. If she’d have said as much at the beginning of the debate, her agenda would have been made clear and the candidates could have filed out in unison.

The War on Christmas is real, friends. And unless we stand up for our beliefs, we will lose. Disgusting.

Update: Here’s an outtake from the debate, in which Ambassador Alan Keyes recites Ezekiel 25:17.  I think you also see Ron Paul at the end of the clip.

— Psycheout

Wednesday Night Cheese: Man From Atlantis

December 5, 2007

This is truly a liberal program at its worst. The Man From Atlantis. Enjoy.

The military is the enemy, and a liberal woman marine biologist (how’s that for a stereotype) is the hero, or shall I say, heroine.

This is the pilot. Have fun watching it.

Update: Bonus cheese. The opening of The Six Million Dollar Man. I’d hoped to find the coveted fembots episode, but that will have to wait for a later day.

We have the technology, we have the erector set, we have taxed Americans to death. And all they get is Steve Austin, the moronic woman, the bionic boy and the robot dog. Screw you, taxpayer. Enjoy!

Update 2: Extra bonus cheese! The intro to CHiPs with Erik Estrada’s teeth.

Update 3: Triple cheese on rye. I bet most of you never heard of this one: Salvage 1: a junkjard dog, by the name of Andy Griffith, builds a rocketship made of junk to salvage NASA’s nonexistent junk on the moon! Well, doggie!

And I didn’t include BJ and the Bear, Knight Rider, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, etc. There’s so much cheese, so little time. And only so much I can do in a single post. But in the future I will leave no stone unturned.

— Psycheout

Mitt Romney Rolls the Dice

December 2, 2007

Snake EyesMitt Romney has decided to make “the speech.” The speech in which he tries to allay fears about belonging to the Mormon church, which many evangelicals believe is not Christian. Mitt’s cheering fan club will cautiously say that this is a good idea and that Romney has been planning to do this for some time. That’s nonsense. “The speech” has been on the back burner because it’s not something that Team Romney has been anxious to do, especially not during the primary.

Make no mistake about it, there is one reason and one reason alone that “the speech” is being pulled out of mothballs now: Mike Huckabee is presenting a serious challenge to him in Iowa. And I’m not not so sure that this is a good move for Romney. It’s a big gamble for him for a number of reasons.

  • Perception of Weakness
  • Makes Mormonism a Legitimate Issue
  • Little To Gain, Much To Lose

All of a sudden deciding to make “the speech” now shows weakness: the Romney campaign is clearly worried about Huck. That’s the only reason to play the Mormon card at this time.

The speech also makes the issue of Romney’s religion a legitimate issue. Once Mitt brings it up and tries to equate it with Christianity, it opens a Pandora’s Box which he will be unable to close. People who didn’t know or care about his religion will now be thinking about it. That Romney himself chose to speak about it, to downplay or justify it, will plant in peoples’ minds that it is something for them to be concerned about.

The Book of MormonFrankly I don’t see what he expects to gain from this. He is not JFK. He’s not going to convince people that see Mormonism as a cult that it’s not. I’m not sure that there’s a lot of people waiting for Mitt to say “Mormonism rocks!” before they throw their support behind him. But there’s the chance, if he flubs it, or even if he doesn’t, that this will create concern in peoples’ minds where they did not already exist. This is a risky move. Team Romney is feeling some desperation. That seems obvious.

Equating Mormonism and Christianity is very risky. Pointing out the differences is likewise risky. I’m not sure how Team Romney expects this is going to help his campaign. It probably won’t. And that’s perfectly fine with me.

If Mitt claims that Mormonism is superior to Christianity (because it has Another Testament of Jesus Christ, a sequel to The Bible, revealed by the angel Moroni to Joseph Smith) or that The Bible contains mistakes (in content or translation), that Mormons can become gods in the afterlife, that Jesus and Satan were brothers, that Adam and Eve were heroes for disobeying G-d, etc., etc., it’s going to seriously hurt his chances among America’s mainstream Christians.

There are plenty of reasons not to support Romney. Addressing his religion in “the speech” will not make those reasons go away. Mitt is taking a big gamble. There’s a lot of chips in Iowa. Romney may be handing them to Huck. How generous of him!

Update: Tommy Oliver voices his concerns. Hot Air also reacts.

Update 2: This is not Mitt Romney: Rare video JFK 1960 Speech at the Houston Ministers.

Related and relevant: Political Power in the Pulpit, a guest post by former Mayor Jeff Foli.

— Psycheout

Mittens Is Not Reagan

October 23, 2007

Ronald Reagan Is AngryMitt Romney wants Republicans think that he’s the new incarnation of Ronald Wilson Reagan, perhaps the best President of the 20th Century. So he invokes the name of the late President as often as he can, hoping to fool the voters. The latest of many such invocations is pathetic, to say the least.

Tommy Oliver over at Race 4 2008 points to Romney’s latest laughable attempt at donning a Reagan mask. It’s pathetic.

Governor Romney Proposes “Reagan Zone Of Economic Freedom”

Uh, huh. Tommy cries, “good grief.” And for good reason.

A plan called “The Reagan Zone?” Mitt, you are probably the most qualified to comment on this, so why do you have to do it by giving it a gimmicky Reagan title that makes me want to go watch the “I was an independent during Reagan/Bush” youtube spot again and again.

Hmmm. Let’s take a look. Pay particular attention to the relevant portion starting after the 2:30 mark.

Here’s Romney’s words:

Look, I was an independent during the time of Reagan/Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan/Bush.

So why do you keep using Ronald Reagan’s name every chance you get then? Who are you trying to fool, Mittens? Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan. Don’t let him trick you into believing something he is not.

Flashback: Mitt Romney: Conservative Like a Fox.

Reagan Masks

— Psycheout