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Blasphemous Rumors

October 18, 2007

There’s a rumor being floated in the LLL MSM that Sam Brownback will drop out of the Presidential race tomorrow. If true (G-d forbid), this site may become more active. If you wish to join the B4C Team and support true conservatism in light of the GOP’s slide towards RINOism, leave a comment or shoot me an email. Thanks!

Update: It’s official.

— Psycheout



August 16, 2007

Welcome to Blogs 4 Conservatives. I’m delighted you could come. I’m certain you will find your stay here most illuminating. Think of me as your unseen servant, and believe that during your stay here I shall be with you in spirit. May you find the answer that you seek. It is here, I promise you. And now, auf Wiedersehen.