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A Tale of Two Endorsements

November 7, 2007
Brownback and Robertson
Pat Robertson and Sam Brownback

Today was a big day for political endorsements. Two conservative heavyweights weighed in, and in this political referee’s humble opinion it was a split decision.

In one corner, we have Sam Brownback, former Presidential candidate, current Senator and future Governor of Kansas and in the other is Pat Robertson, former Presidential candidate and founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and the Christian Coalition. Both are huge stars on the socon stage.

First the good news: Sam Brownback did not endorse Rudy Giuliani. Now the bad news: Pat Robertson did. Amazing isn’t the word.  Perhaps “shocking” would suffice.



Sam Brownback To Endorse Giuliani?

October 25, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, Feeling PrettyThat’s the question posed in The Hill today. After Sam Brownback bowed out of the race for the Republican nomination last week, he stated three points very clearly.

  1. He will support the GOP nominee
  2. The nominee will be pro-life
  3. The nominee will not be Rudoph Giuliani

Well, that’s logical isn’t it? It reads like a geometry proof. Cutie Rudy is pro-abortion, so how could pro-life Republicans, especially one as dedicated to the sanctity of life as Senator Brownback possibly endorse a pro-abort RINO like Giuliani? Well, he can’t. Can he?

Yet The Hill claims that an endorsement is likely coming in the next few weeks. And it spends most of its time pushing the theory that Rudy’s the one and how much it will help catapult him to the nomination.

So is Sam Brownback going to sacrifice his core values and endorse a crossdressing RINO? I Don’t Think So. Read about it over at B4B and decide for yourself.

— Psycheout

Blasphemous Rumors

October 18, 2007

There’s a rumor being floated in the LLL MSM that Sam Brownback will drop out of the Presidential race tomorrow. If true (G-d forbid), this site may become more active. If you wish to join the B4C Team and support true conservatism in light of the GOP’s slide towards RINOism, leave a comment or shoot me an email. Thanks!

Update: It’s official.

— Psycheout