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Coral Reefs Are Satanic Plots

February 4, 2008

CoralYoung Earth Science (true science) is making remarkable progress on a number of fronts. I have yet to see them attack this, however:

We have sourced the latest information avaliable on the age of the Great Barrier Reef. Stay tuned though, because we’re expecting this information to change as more research is undertaken.

These are the significant dates you should be talking about when you explain the age of the Great Barrier Reef:

  • While corals have existed on the Great Barrier Reef for as long as 25 million years, they didn’t form large reef structures like those we see today.
  • The earliest record we have of complete reef structures (like those we see today) is from 600000 years ago.
  • The current Great Barrier structure started growing on top of the old reef platform about 9000 years ago when the sea levels rose at the end of the last Ice Age.

Many of the places that support reefs today were part of the land during the last ice age, which ended about 20000 years ago.

As global temperatures increased, the ice melted and retreated to the poles and mountain tops. Sea levels rose to their present levels about 6000 years ago, creating ideal conditions for corals to develop along the tops of former low coastal hills.

The Great Barrier Reef comprises about 2900 seperate reefs off the coasts of the islands and the mainland, and barrier reefs facing the sea. The outer Reef lies along the edge of the Australian continental shelf.

Turtles and sharks are the marine ‘dinosaurs’ of the Reef. Turtles have been swimming around in its waters for 150 million years, while sharks have been around for about 400 million years _ that’s 100 times longer than humans.

Coral ReefNow I am not a qualified YEC scientist, but even I can see that these ‘coral reefs’ are about as phony as can be. James Ussher accurately _ and biblically _ calculated the following dates:

  • 4004 BC – Creation.
  • 2348 BC – The Great Flood.
  • 1921 BC – God’s call to Abraham.
  • 1491 BC – The Exodus from Egypt.
  • 1012 BC – The founding of the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • 586 BC – The destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon and the beginning of the Babylonian Captivity.
  • 4 BC – The birth of Jesus.

This all sounds right to me. But the moonbat Australian government, which calls its birds ‘boobies’, is determined to destroy the faith of billions of Christians around the world with these ‘coral reefs’. When they are presented in the MSM or by some Darwinist college professor, we can easily see through their lives, but an innocent and brainwashed park ranger is much more convincing. Just take a look at a picture of this ‘brain coral’:

Brain coral 2.jpgThe photo looks convincing at first glance. There is no possible way this photo could have been photoshopped. However, the carvings appear too precise and too simple to be made by the LORD. The LORD does not make simple designs. It is obvious that these Darwinists took a bunch of colored rocks and embed them with tiny jacks so that they could expand slowly but surely. The idea that several small organisms formed these ‘coral reefs’ is utterly ridiculous.

Fiji MermaidWhat can you, the average citizen, do to stop this elaborate hoax on par with P.T. Barnum? (Update by Psycheout: Remember the Fiji Mermaid, pictured at right?) One thing you can do is to simply swim around the reef and start bashing it to pieces in areas where the Australian government can’t see it. A far better plan, however, is to get King Brownback to petition the Australian government to demolish these phony organisms. One can only hope that the Darwinists, losing one of their main ‘trumps’ (ha!), will be demoralized and will stop persecuting true scientists like Ben Stein. Then, we can begin the slow, painful process of not only taking back America, but making sure that ‘science’ no longer can even dream of making phony theories.

— Bob Corker


Long-Haired Men Are the Anti-Christs

December 24, 2007

A Dirty HippieWhat with the foolish amounts of hippies that are trying to appear ‘cool’ so that you might let them fornicate with your children, we can hardly risk letting our children out of our sight these days.

What we conservatives aren’t often noticing is that hippies are just a mere subculture of the great symbol of anti-conservatism, long hair on men. Liberals love symbolism; they use it to brainwash the school boards into allowing their foolish books to poison our children’s minds.

I think that there can be no greater threat to America than this deeply rooted hairstyle. And here it says that “long hair frequently shows less sexual control”; no wonder hippies are the worst part of our society. Although much of the site is meaningless whining over why they feel hair is ‘important’, I feel they are correct on this statement.

Another Hippie

It is worth mentioning that the Bible understood the threat very well. 1 Corinthians 11:14 : Doth not even nature teach you that it is shameful for a man to have long hair? The weirdos are undoubtedly going to argue that the Nazarites could take a vow to God by not cutting their hair. True to their traditions of quote mining, however, they will not know a single thing about the story of Samson and Delilah.

As conservatives know, Delilah invoked her typical woman’s deception on Samson by tempting him into breaking his vow. Blinded by the Philistines, Samson had not lost all faith with God, so he managed to kill his captors. However, the strongest man in the world had been betrayed by his hair and his woman.

It is fitting that God now requires women to cover their heads with hair: 1 Corinthians 11:16 for her hair is given to her as a covering… It is to be a transvestite for a man to adopt woman’s dress styles, but it must be a mental disorder to adopt a woman’s shame.

Not only that, the traitorous Abasalom must have had lots of hair upon his head: 2 Samuel 14:26 : And when he polled his head… he weighed the hair of his head at two hundred shekels after the king’s weight. God clearly does not want men to have long hair.

More Hippies

But the hippies, injuns, and whatnots have been subtly planning the overthrow of Jesus, first by starting an utter lie about whether Jesus agreed with their foolish ideas or not. They have now turned the commonly marketed Jesus into a symbol of their shameful ways. The Prince of Peace was no hippy.

Any right-thinking person can see the evils in hippy society: they give little babies marijuana, they fornicate with doorknobs, they waste half their life at rock concerts, and encourage shameful Asian religions. What we are not noticing is their slow spread into other cultures.

A Hippie Infestation

The premier place for these sinners to gather is at the Long Hair Hyperboard, where these sad pathetic whelps long for the next 10 years to be ‘skipped’ just so they can have dead protein hanging down to their shoulders. Longhairs often hang out at rock concerts, Harley-Davidson fanclub bars, and environmentalist rallies.

Long hair has become a symbol of just about every sector on the left. Hopefully, we can pass a law requiring all of these men’s heads to be sheered so that no hair grows past the ears or touches the collar. Long hair is anti-American, plain and simple.

— Bob Corker

Spears Parenting Book Scrapped Due To Pregnancy

December 19, 2007

Jamie Lynn Spears and BoyfriendAs if Britney Spears’ revolting antics weren’t enough to cancel a book on responsible parenting by proud mom Lynne Spears, the recent revelation that her other daughter, 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears, is pregnant with her 19 year old boyfriend’s child hasOops, I did it again!

Lynne Spears’s book about raising her famous daughters Britney and Jamie Lynn has been put on hold, the publisher confirms to PEOPLE.

“The book is delayed indefinitely. It’s delayed, not cancelled,” says a spokeswoman for Thomas Nelson, which publishes inspirational books and Bibles.

Uh huh.  Delayed indefinitely.  Yup.  That sounds like cancellation to me.  It seems the only book Lynne Spears could write is how not to raise children.  I can’t fathom how she could have gotten a book deal on parenting with a Christian publisher in the first place.

These young Spears strumpets are not good role models for children.  The entertainment industry clearly seeks to destroy the American family.  That’s the reason they put bimbos up on a pedestal and flog them on our children.  Just say no.

— Psycheout

Clannad: Exception To the Rule?

December 8, 2007

ClannadI have been doing my best to be fair to the Narutards and animaniacs ever since I first pointed out that anime encourages murder.  Well at least most anime.  I may have found an anime, at last, that breaks with smutty convention.  And for that I am thankful.

Clannad appears to be the story of a young man who doesn’t much like his family, which is of course a bit of a sin in itself.  But it’s hard not to feel a little sorry for this guy.  His mother died when he was a child and his father has fallen into Satan’s clutches: he gambles, he drinks, he doesn’t work.  He’d probably even vote for Democrats.

But the young man, a senior in high school, meets a young girl, also a high school senior, who has a wonderful, although apparently secular, family.  And from this chance encounter he learns what it means to have family values.  He seems to have a genuine interest in this young lady and perhaps even wedding bells are in their future.  It still looks like there’s the possibility that there will be perversion in future episodes, this is Japanimation after all, but so far this looks very inspirational.

Take a look at the first episode (which is all I have seen so far).  I think this might be suitable for older teens, provided that they have their parents’ supervision while watching.  Apparently “Clannad” means “clan” or “family.”  And if there’s an anime about family, rather than panties, it just might be worth checking out.

I hope that this is the one anime that isn’t infested with devil worship, pedophilia and violence.  I want to be cautious about this one, since anime is usually quite apparently evil.  Let’s cross our collective fingers on this one.

Update: I have done some further research on Clannad and discovered that it’s based on a game, a dating simulator, of the same name.  That gave me pause.  However, it appears that it is the first of its kind to not include “hentai” (porno) content.  That was its selling point, believe it or not!  If this is a beginning of a trend I salute Key/VisualArts for breaking away and truly celebrating the family.

This may be an anime I, and you, can watch to its conclusion.  But then again it may not be.  I will let you, dear readers, know in the near future.

Update 2: Apparently you can download episodes from a website called animesuki.  I don’t recommend showing episodes to your teenage children until you have a chance to screen them, but so far this appears to be the pinnacle of anime.  And that’s not saying much.  We can only hope.

— Psycheout

Video Game Perversion

November 1, 2007

Custer's RevengeI’ve been doing some research into the video game phenomenon, trying to find a redeeming feature, a good video game that justifies the existence of the gaming industry. But the more I look into these games, the more I realize that the entire industry is destructive by design. It’s like trying to justify cyanide pills shaped into cartoon characters. How much cyanade is appropriate? Well, none obviously. Same goes for these games.

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from concerned parents regarding my article over at B4B exposing the Nintendo DS (with it’s pedochat feature) and the Playstation Pornable. Many parents expressed shock over this and begged me to recommend games that would be suitable for their children. But the more I look, the more I realize that the only game I can recommend is “none.”

Custer’s RevengeHere’s a game I recently discovered that sounded like it might be useful for children to learn about history. Boy was I wrong. It’s called “Custer’s Revenge.” And it turns out the alternate name is “Westward Ho.” Ho as it turns out is the black community’s name for “prostitute.”

Custer’s RevengeAnd it also turns out that this game isn’t historical at all. The player attempts to dodge arrows to get over to an Indian girl tied to a cactus so that he can rape her! The player himself is naked sporting a rather large erection. And this rape simulator is considered a “game!”

Sadly this is all too typical of video games. The games feature violent and sexual content unsuitable for children. In fact, these games are unsuitable for anyone of any age. If you’re looking for a good Christmas gift this season, throw out those trashy video game consoles and buy your child a good Christian toy. You’ll be glad you did. And your child will be delighted that you cared enough to do the right thing.

It’s also a good gift for yourself. Once these destructive games are gone, you’ll have a happy home once again.

Anime Gun GirlUpdate: While you’re at it, you should also check out my investigation into Japanese cartoons also called Japanimation, anime or hentai. This is something else kids enjoy that is totally inappropriate. It will surprise and shock you that Anime Encourages Murder. It surprised even me. Many parents thanked me for this article. Many had no idea.

— Psycheout

Rice-a-Roni Dead at 92

October 22, 2007

Rice a RoniYou might want to check those expiration dates. The king of Rice-a-Roni died today at 92. I think his daughter said it best:

“He brought all these test products home,” his daughter said. “We ate these products until we were all sick of them.”

College students everywhere mourned by wearing black armbands and browning vermicelli in their studio apartments. The inventor of Top Ramen was unavailable for comment. But he probably would have said something about his product being America’s favorite ramen soup.

The trolley has rung its last bell. Ironically I had Rice-a-Roni fried rice just this evening before I heard the news. Godspeed, Vincent DeDomenico.

Exit question: why is Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat, made in Chicago, IL? Another of life’s imponderables.

— Psycheout

Goths: Self-indulgent Crybabies

October 22, 2007

Evil Goth TeenHave you ever seen those pathetic devil children who dress all in black, mope around like every day is a funeral, listen to G-d awful depressing music and write some the stupidest shallowest “poetry” in the known universe? Well those are “Goth” kids. They’re like the hippies of yesteryear, self-indulgent crybabies, reviled by society, reviled even by themselves. If your child displays any of the described tendencies you have a serious problem on your hands. Do not spoil the rod, even though your child may be lost already. Prayer and discipline is what you need to cure the goth disorder. Read on, concerned parents.