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Coral Reefs Are Satanic Plots

February 4, 2008

CoralYoung Earth Science (true science) is making remarkable progress on a number of fronts. I have yet to see them attack this, however:

We have sourced the latest information avaliable on the age of the Great Barrier Reef. Stay tuned though, because we’re expecting this information to change as more research is undertaken.

These are the significant dates you should be talking about when you explain the age of the Great Barrier Reef:

  • While corals have existed on the Great Barrier Reef for as long as 25 million years, they didn’t form large reef structures like those we see today.
  • The earliest record we have of complete reef structures (like those we see today) is from 600000 years ago.
  • The current Great Barrier structure started growing on top of the old reef platform about 9000 years ago when the sea levels rose at the end of the last Ice Age.

Many of the places that support reefs today were part of the land during the last ice age, which ended about 20000 years ago.

As global temperatures increased, the ice melted and retreated to the poles and mountain tops. Sea levels rose to their present levels about 6000 years ago, creating ideal conditions for corals to develop along the tops of former low coastal hills.

The Great Barrier Reef comprises about 2900 seperate reefs off the coasts of the islands and the mainland, and barrier reefs facing the sea. The outer Reef lies along the edge of the Australian continental shelf.

Turtles and sharks are the marine ‘dinosaurs’ of the Reef. Turtles have been swimming around in its waters for 150 million years, while sharks have been around for about 400 million years _ that’s 100 times longer than humans.

Coral ReefNow I am not a qualified YEC scientist, but even I can see that these ‘coral reefs’ are about as phony as can be. James Ussher accurately _ and biblically _ calculated the following dates:

  • 4004 BC – Creation.
  • 2348 BC – The Great Flood.
  • 1921 BC – God’s call to Abraham.
  • 1491 BC – The Exodus from Egypt.
  • 1012 BC – The founding of the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • 586 BC – The destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon and the beginning of the Babylonian Captivity.
  • 4 BC – The birth of Jesus.

This all sounds right to me. But the moonbat Australian government, which calls its birds ‘boobies’, is determined to destroy the faith of billions of Christians around the world with these ‘coral reefs’. When they are presented in the MSM or by some Darwinist college professor, we can easily see through their lives, but an innocent and brainwashed park ranger is much more convincing. Just take a look at a picture of this ‘brain coral’:

Brain coral 2.jpgThe photo looks convincing at first glance. There is no possible way this photo could have been photoshopped. However, the carvings appear too precise and too simple to be made by the LORD. The LORD does not make simple designs. It is obvious that these Darwinists took a bunch of colored rocks and embed them with tiny jacks so that they could expand slowly but surely. The idea that several small organisms formed these ‘coral reefs’ is utterly ridiculous.

Fiji MermaidWhat can you, the average citizen, do to stop this elaborate hoax on par with P.T. Barnum? (Update by Psycheout: Remember the Fiji Mermaid, pictured at right?) One thing you can do is to simply swim around the reef and start bashing it to pieces in areas where the Australian government can’t see it. A far better plan, however, is to get King Brownback to petition the Australian government to demolish these phony organisms. One can only hope that the Darwinists, losing one of their main ‘trumps’ (ha!), will be demoralized and will stop persecuting true scientists like Ben Stein. Then, we can begin the slow, painful process of not only taking back America, but making sure that ‘science’ no longer can even dream of making phony theories.

— Bob Corker


Matt Drudge: Hot for Romney

December 12, 2007

Matt DrudgeI’ve been pretty disgusted with the anti-Christian bigotry at the once great Race 4 2008 recently.  They’ve taken to attacking Mike Huckabee, a great Christian Leader of late.  Frankly it’s seemed more like Mitt 4 2008 recently.  That makes me sad.

But what has also taken me completely by surprise is Matt Drudge, the original Internet reporter/muckraker joining in and piling on.  Well it turns out, he just might be a tad biased.

Something to keep in mind as Matt Drudge continues his effort to take down Mike Huckabee: Huckabee poses the most immediate and serious threat to Mitt Romney.

As John Harris of the Washington Post first reported in October 2006, Drudge has an unusually close relationship with a senior Romney strategist, Matt Rhodes.

Unusually close?  Yecch.  Is Matt hott for Mitt or Matt?  I dunno.  Developing….

— Psycheout

Headline of the Day

November 20, 2007

Barf BagI really can’t write about this one right now as I’ve just eaten, but this just has to be today’s vomit inducing headline of the day. Otherwise I may not survive the day. You may want to do as I’ve done and skip this article until later, if ever.

Get ready. Here it comes…

Young Voters Dig Giuliani’s Moderate Views

. . .

Yeah man, that’s really groovy. Totally heavy. I’m really hip to that one, daddy-o. I really — BLEARGH!

If you’re new here and don’t understand why that should completely turn your stomach, may I suggest you read some recent stories about this pompous jackass?

— Psycheout

Romney News Network?

November 16, 2007

Perky Campbell Brown, Romney Plant?I think B4C has already established Fox News as The Giuliani/Clinton News Network. Has the former Clinton News Network (CNN) now become the Romney News Network?

I use the question mark because I don’t have time research this fully right now, but, if true, it demonstrates that the lamestream media is fully in the leftist/liberal-Republican corner. That’s not too hard to believe. But do take this with a grain of salt until I can get some reliable corroboration (no offense to the source, Just Above Sunset, that reported this). Regarding Thursday’s Democrat debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, there’s this:

CNN added their new star, the new anchor, Campbell Brown – CNN lured her away from NBC. She didn’t mention she might have biases – in July she married Dan Senor, the fellow who was once the adviser and spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and is now serving as an adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and who also works for Fox News explaining why it had better be Rudy or Mitt next, or we’ll all die. That lack of disclosure didn’t matter much – Brown tossed a few softball questions and looked a bit at sea. But she is pretty – that’s nice.

Unless we think for ourselves, and most of us don’t, the lamestream media is going to make our political decisions for us. All the more reason to write in George W Bush, Richard Cheney, Sam Brownback or even Mickey Mouse if you prefer.

Campbell Brown and Dan SenorI watched the Democrat debate on CNN (know thy enemy) and was suspicious of cutie pie Campbell Brown. My BS detector went off, loudly. So I did a quick search. It seems my suspicions may have been right. A Romney plant, right in plain sight.

I just hope that this plant for Mittens gets nowhere near any Republican debate. That’s for sure.

Our political system is broken. We are being overrun by RINOs.

I left my impressions in the comments over at Balloon Juice during and after the debate (old habits die hard). Surprisingly, newly anointed Democrat John Cole along with most of the far left commentariot over there didn’t bother to watch. They’ve already made up their minds. But who can blame them? The plate on their side is even emptier than the plate on ours.

I wish I had an answer, but I’m pretty pessimistic right now. Once George Bush leaves office, we’re going to end up with a loser. I think it’s time to repeal the 22nd Amendment, and quick. FDR is dead. GWB lives. And he knows the way forward into the 21st Century.

— Psycheout

Rudy Giuliani: Fox News Candidate?

November 15, 2007

Judith ReganCuriouser and curiouser. I recently wrote a post about the cozy Giuliani-Kerik connection, where I mentioned the ground zero lovenest where Bernie Kerik and Judith Regan frequently met during the 9/11 cleanup in New York. Now Judith Regan is talking, and if what she says is true, it’s explosive.

Publisher Judith Regan is a former Fox News employee. And she is alleging that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which owns Fox News, favors Rudolph Giuliani for the GOP nomination. It would seem that Murdoch also is partial to Hillary Clinton. He held a fundraiser for her after all. So it would also seem that he is playing both sides. Crafty old Australian, isn’t he?