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Take That, ACLU!

February 19, 2008

No ACLUThe worthless far-left secular progressive gang of nuts and kooks at the ACLU have rightfully been slapped down by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court dealt a setback Tuesday to civil rights America haters and privacy advocates terrorist coddlers who oppose the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping terrorist surveillance program.

[Corrected for truth.]

A federal judge correctly pointed out that one must have proof before going ahead with a broad fishing expedition of a lawsuit that harms America’s security. The ACLU had none. In its aggressive BDS driven zeal to blame America first, the moonbats forgot to actually gather evidence to support their nonsense.

A federal judge in Detroit largely agreed, but the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the suit, saying the plaintiffs could not prove their communications had been monitored and thus could not prove they had been harmed by the program.

It was the only thing that the 6th Circuit Court could do. No proof, no suit. No harm, no foul.

The government has refused to turn over information about the closely guarded program that could reveal who has been under surveillance.

Only an imbecile would reveal to criminal terrorists that they are under surveillance. The ACLU would have us give preference to evildoers and cripple the United States from performing its sworn duty to protect Americans. That could not be allowed to happen.

It will be a good day indeed when the ACLU is put in its proper place: the ash heap of history.

Update: Karl, over at Protein Wisdom, has also noticed the shoddy, biased reporting on this story:

The Associated Press misreports:

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge Tuesday to the Bush administration’s domestic spying program.

The bias here is blatant, insofar as the Terrorist Surveillance Program involves international communications and there is no evidence that US persons have ever been targeted by the program without a warrant.

Nice catch, Karl.  I couldn’t agree more.

— Psycheout


Bob Corker on the Death Penalty

December 11, 2007

Gas ChamberI read something disturbing in the news today:

After hours of debate and testimony, the New Jersey Senate today approved bill S-171 which will replace the state’s death penalty with a sentence of life without parole. The measure was approved by a vote of 21-16 and now moves to the State Assembly, where approval is also expected in a vote on Thursday. The governor has indicated he will sign the bill into law, making New Jersey the first state to legislatively abolish the death penalty in over 40 years. Around the country, the death penalty is declining in use and other states are examining their own capital punishment statutes.

This, to me, is highly disturbing. One of the two methods the Bible instructs us to use for dealing with criminals (just restitution) was abolished in 1865, and now, we are caving in to the UN and the EU by beginning to abolish the other method used in the Bible. Not only is it accepted by the Bible, it has also proven to be an effective deterrent not used often enough. When I go to my work site in Tennessee, their eagerness to use the death penalty means that I am as a result surrounded by less criminals. I have never, ever witnessed a crime in Tennessee, and I’ve spent several years worth of time there.

Death PenaltyOn the other hand, the moonbats in control of my native state California means that the death penalty is rarely, if ever, applied. If I don’t see a car chase on the freeway in a week, I am extremely lucky. That’s why we are planning on moving residence to Tennessee. As wonderful as the OC often is, there are too many treefrog welfarekooks in our lives to withstand, especially the kind that robs banks.

But what are we to expect from New Jersey? After all, this is a state where the most done to sex offenders is to prevent them from handing out candy on Halloween. I, for one, do not wish to show any mercy to those that have violated God’s law, or endangered the salvation of another human being. At the very least, these people should be castrated. Ideally, they should be rounded up and shot. But with the passing of this law, no woman or child can expect to last a year in NJ without being raped and sodomized.

PrisonFinally, we must always consider the taxpayer. I learned that if we give criminals the money it costs to house them, then they would have no reason to steal. I think it costs about $16,000 per criminal, last I checked. This is an obvious waste of taxpayer money. My children should not have to be denied their holiday gifts because we have to be ‘kind’ to some welfaremonger. They had their right to life, and they forfeited it.

Ideally, the crimes covered by the death penalty would greatly expand. Abortionists, for example, should be executed. But even if the minimum amount of crimes covered by the death penalty were murder, kidnapping, rape, and theft, we would not only see a great drop in crime, we’d be able to afford the shinier gadget. Death penalty opponents are one of America’s greatest domestic threats. These people hate America so much, they should be executed for treason.

— Bob Corker

A Miscarriage of Justice

December 7, 2007

Pirate FlagMP3 players are devices used to pirate music, allowing its owners to get songs for free without giving artists and the record labels that produce them what they deserve. An MP3 player was recently put to another illegal use that has landed a police officer in hot water.

A teenage suspect who secretly recorded his interrogation on an MP3 player has landed a veteran detective in the middle of perjury charges, authorities said Thursday.

Unaware of the recording, Detective Christopher Perino testified in April that the suspect “wasn’t questioned” about a shooting in the Bronx, a criminal complaint said. But then the defense confronted the detective with a transcript it said proved he had spent more than an hour unsuccessfully trying to persuade Erik Crespo to confess – at times with vulgar tactics.

Sometimes getting a confession out of a murder suspect is very difficult, but it needs to be done without a slippery defense attorney getting in the way. And in this case, didn’t the suspect break the law by recording the police officer without his knowledge or permission?

Perino had arrested Crespo on New Year’s Eve 2005 while investigating the shooting of a man in an elevator. While in an interrogation room at a station house, Crespo, then 17, stealthily pressed the record button on the MP3 player, a Christmas gift, DeMarco said.

After Crespo was charged with attempted murder, his family surprised DeMarco by playing him the recording.

I suppose the cop haters out there will love this. But why isn’t the murder suspect being charged with illegal recording? I bet if they search his MP3 player, they will find a lot of unpaid for music, unless he’s wiped it clean since exposing his use of the MP3 player to entrap the police officer.

Is it really legal to record an officer without his consent? If so, it certainly shouldn’t be.  If not, this is certainly a miscarriage of justice.

See also: Support Your Local Police.

— Psycheout

Support Your Local Police

November 24, 2007

To Protect and ServeBeing a law enforcement officer can be a difficult and dangerous job. The general public seems to be generally unaware and unappreciative of this simple fact. Traffic stops, second only to domestic disputes, are the most dangerous of all encounters for LEOs. An officer never really knows what kind of cranked up nutjob he might encounter, and many of his own have been injured or killed during an otherwise “routine traffic stop.”

There’s an awful lot of “roadside lawyers” out there whose sole purpose in life seems to be to heckle, harass and provoke these wonderful hardworking folks. Whether it’s whipping out and waving a Constitution in the face of an officer or arguing, ignorantly, the intricacies of traffic rules or special relativity, these morons seem to think that the proper place to contest a ticket is on the roadside. It’s not. That’s what traffic court is for, you morons.

The only reason I bring this up, is that an EDITED video was put up on YouTube that has the usual cop-haters out in force screaming “police brutality” or “Attica!” or whatever these cockroaches usually whine about when any story critical of LEOs hit the news.

How Liberals View the PoliceNew Democrat (the artist formerly known as the last “honest” conservative) John Cole predictably whines about the incident, unfortunately going so far as to call police “jack booted thugs,” and his leftist commentariot runs wild with the red meat. The response was so great that Michael D. just had to follow it up with more. John Cole wannabe, one Mr. Furious, makes a lot of noise about it but also fails to say anything rational.

I warn those working in law enforcement or those with loved ones doing this important and commendable work should steer clear of those idiotic rants. When one reads the comments of those who actually know what they’re talking about, it’s clear that this is all much ado about nothing. The linked forum contains a discussion by former and current officers, as well as a couple of ignorant trolls, but fortunately sanity prevails there.

Officer FriendlyHere’s some wise advice that everyone should heed. Always respect your local police, and if you see them out in public, perhaps even in a store ahead of you buying a cup of coffee, be sure to thank them for what they do. I don’t think they hear it often enough. Whenever I chat with them here in my town they are always very friendly, and my local police officers have wonderful senses of humor. I’ve met several of them around here and they are some of the nicest folks I have had the pleasure to meet.

The police are our friends, not our enemies. And they are as human as you are. So be sure to be courteous and treat them as you yourself would like to be treated. Don’t be a jackass like the moron who got himself tasered. He was clearly arguing and resisting all the way (over perhaps a $100 citation), was informed that he was under arrest, and could well have been going for a weapon. If fired upon by this man or his twitchy wife, he’d have been left for dead by the side of the road. Cop haters always seem to forget that. It’s pathetic.

— Psycheout