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A Day That Continues To Live in Infamy

December 6, 2007

Attack on Pearl HarborDecember 7th, 1941. Sunday. G-d’s day. The pagan Japanese cowardly launched a vicious and totally unprovoked sneak attack that woke up America to the threat posed by the Axis of evil. 350 planes, attacking in two waves, were determined to destroy America’s resolve along with her fleet, the envy of the world.

When the smoke cleared 2,333 of America’s finest and bravest lay dead and 1,139 lay wounded in agony and disbelief. The fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor lay in ruin. And America, the sleeping giant, was awoken. Because of America’s resolve the axis of evil was ultimately and totally defeated. And America remembers.

The death toll at Pearl Harbor has since been eclipsed by the bloodshed that occurred on 9/11, nearly 60 years later. And we again face an axis of evil. Once again there are those who deny that America must win. But we will never surrender. And we will not stop until we achieve total victory.

That is the lesson of December 7th, a day which continues to live in infamy.

G-d bless these United States of America.

— Psycheout