The Death of Authenticity


Mitt RomneyYes, friends. Michigan has failed America. With a little help from Daily Kos DemocRATs, the mitten state has chosen a pander bear rather than a leader. Michigan has been a failure for decades, and now it has proven the inability of its own people to make informed choices. I weep for our nation.

Mitt Romney’s victory in Michigan was a defeat for authenticity in politics.

The former Massachusetts governor pandered to voters, distorted his opponents’ record and continued to show why he’s the most malleable – and least credible – major presidential candidate.

And it worked.

Poor deluded fools. Perhaps there should be an intelligence test prior to voter registration. If you’re too stupid to think, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Here’s Mr. Say Anything in his most blatant pander:

“I’ve heard people say that the auto jobs are gone and they’re never coming back,” Romney told his audiences. “Well, baloney, I’m going to fight for every single good job.”

Of course, he’d fight for every job. So would McCain, or any future president. But how?

How about showering tax dollars on his home state at our expense? Sure, why not. This is Mittens employing classic double-speak:

“I’m not open to a bailout, but I am open to a workout,” Romney said of the auto industry, even as he vowed to spend $20 billion over five years for research on energy, fuels, automotive technology and material sciences. How many Michigan voters mistook that that for a multibillion-dollar bailout pledge?

A workout, not a bailout? What in the world does that even mean? Words have meanings, but it doesn’t matter to this unprincipled used car salesman. Mitt Romney’s nose grew and his pants are on fire, but nobody seemed to notice. The idiot voters fell for it. Pathetic.

Let’s hope voters in other states aren’t quite so stupid to choose I, Robot. Mitt Romney is the Zelig of politics. Why can’t some people see through this chameleon?

— Psycheout


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One Response to “The Death of Authenticity”

  1. in2thefray Says:

    Not for nothing but he didn’t do that well with the Dems. The Repub of choice for the Dems of course is McCain. As a conservative you more for workfare or welfare. Help out or hand out. Mitt’s position on work out is the same thing. Anyway the 20th WPBA Bush post hope you’ll still participate

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