Daily Kos Endorses Mitt Romney


Daily KosHead kook Kos is encouraging Michigan Democrats to support Mitt Romney.  Republicans should heed this advice and abandon the Mittens to offset this attempt at destroying our party.

Michigan Democrats should vote for Mitt Romney, because if Mitt wins, Democrats win. How so?

For Michigan Democrats, the Democratic primary is meaningless since the DNC stripped the state of all its delegates (at least temporarily) for violating party rules. Hillary Clinton is alone on the ballot.

Since there’s no contest on the Democrat party side, let’s ruin it for the Republicans!  How immature.

But on the GOP side, this primary will be fiercely contested. John McCain is currently enjoying the afterglow of media love since his New Hamsphire victory, while Iowa winner Mike Huckabee is poised to do well in South Carolina.

So Kos wants to ensure that neither strong candidate gains momentum.

Meanwhile, poor Mitt Romney, who’s suffered back-to-back losses in the last week, desperately needs to win Michigan in order to keep his campaign afloat.  Bottom line, if Romney loses Michigan, he’s out. If he wins, he stays in.

Daily KosThe Democrats benefit by keeping Romney’s head above water.  It’s sink or swim time for Mittens.  Fish or cut bait.

And we want Romney in, because the more Republican candidates we have fighting it out, trashing each other with negative ads and spending tons of money, the better it is for us. We want Mitt to stay in the race, and to do that, we need him to win in Michigan.

That sounds like an endorsement to me.  Kos is not stupid, even if he is a bit of an unhinged chump.  He knows that Mitt cannot win, but he wants to keep the spoiler alive to keep better candidates from gaining momentum.

If we can help push Mitt over the line, not only do we help keep their field fragmented, but we also pollute Romney’s victory. How “legitimate” will the Mittster’s victory look if liberals provide the margin of victory? Think of the hilarity that will ensue. We’ll simply be adding fuel to their civil war, never a bad thing from our vantage point.

Clever, clever.  Let’s not let them get away with it.

Michigan is Romney’s last stand.  He has pulled all advertising from other states for a last-ditch effort there. It’s sink or swim time for Romney, and we’re going to throw him a lifesaver.

If you know people in Michigan, forward them a link to Kos’ post and suggest that they throw Mitt an anvil.  It’s the right thing to do for our party and for America.  Especially since Democrats and the nutroots are trying to fracture our party.

— Psycheout


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8 Responses to “Daily Kos Endorses Mitt Romney”

  1. Bob_Corker Says:

    Funny, on Free Republic people get banned for posting Nazi propaganda, on Daily Kos it stays up until the media notices. Time to censor Daily Kos, permanentely.

  2. Sisyphus Says:

    Anyone who listens to Kos should have their head examined. They should have their American citizenship stripped away, too. We don’t need those idiots out voting this November. Deport Kos back to El Salvador, I say. Let him preach to his Commie buddies, and leave us real Americans in peace.

  3. novumorganum Says:

    funny how you didn’t quote he parts about the extensive history of republicans voting in the democratic primary in Michigan.

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  7. jack fate Says:

    funny how you didn’t quote he parts about the extensive history of republicans voting in the democratic primary in Michigan.

    We couldn’t have that. What would happen their outrage? How could they advocate for the censorship and deportation of American citizens then? Well, I’m sure that wouldn’t stop many in this thread. Logic and intellectual consistency is does not appear to be the strong suit in teh comments.

  8. Psycheout Says:

    Logic and intellectual consistency is does not appear to be the strong suit in teh comments.

    Your comment is a case in point!

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