The Iowa Caucus Results


Iowa CaucusJust a quick post, which I will update in a bit, maybe.

I was right.

  1. Huckabee 34%
  2. Romney 25%
  3. McCain 13%
  4. Thompson 13%

And I may still be right about the party of treason:

  1. Obama 38%
  2. Clinton 29%
  3. Edwards 30%

Although Clinton and Edwards are still locked in mortal combat for second place.

Chris Dodd (DemocRAT) will drop out of the race.

Chuck Norris is a happy man tonight.

It’s been a good night for America. G-d bless Iowa. G-d bless you all.

Update: It looks like Fred Thompson may have moseyed his way into third place at the last minute. Congratulations to grandpa Fred.

Update 2: Ha ha – Kookspinach and Gravel got 0 votes! Dodd got 1, Biden got 23, Richardson got 51. Note to Kookspinach and Gravel: give it up. It’s over. Ron Paul at 10% gets 5th. Buh bye, Ronnie. It’s downhill from here. Ghouliani got a whopping 4%. So much for your winning strategy, Rudy.

Update 3: Joe Biden to drop out as well after an anemic performance. Please drop out too, Rudy Giuliani.

Update 4: Further predictions: Hunter won’t stick it out much longer, although he might well be on the short list for Secretary of Defense.  Cox will keep up his silent running candidacy, but nobody will notice.  Those who do will laugh.  Paul will stick it out to the bitter end, taking home lots of suckers’ money just like the last time he ran.  Thankfully he hasn’t got a prayer.  Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

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5 Responses to “The Iowa Caucus Results”

  1. hotoffthepress Says:

    After reviewing tonight’s caucus results from Iowa, I’m tempted to suggest that presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney visit a pie maker named Ned if they want to resurrect their now-dead presidential hopes.

    Thanks to a magical gift he’s had since childhood, Ned’s able to touch dead things and bring them back to life. People. Dogs. Dead fruit. It doesn’t matter.

    Some believe Republican John McCain owes the recent turn-around in his presidential campaign fortunes to Ned’s touch. The Arizona senator is rumored to have visited Ned’s pie shop (a.k.a., “The Pie Hole”) six months ago after his campaign was reported to have run out of money. His campaign was dead then. Now, it’s alive, and he’s polling at or near the top of national presidential tracking polls.

    Unfortunately for Clinton and Romney, two wealthy presidential candidates who saw their campaigns flat-line in Iowa tonight, Ned is not real. And McCain didn’t get help from him. Instead, Ned’s merely a character on Pushing Daisies, an ABC prime-time program that debuted this fall.

    That means they’re going to have to come up with something better — perhaps, a better message or a better strategy — if they truly hope to win their party nominations. They’re going to have to come up with something genuine. Something money can’t buy.

    Bob McCarty Writes™

  2. pjmellon Says:

    You are a useful idiot.

    Godspeed Ron Paul!


  3. Jeremiah Says:



    It’s been a great evenin’
    It’s been a great day
    I have a great feelin’ everything is goin’ the GOP WAAY!!!

    HA!! Take that lefties!!!


    ~ Jeremiah

  4. Spacebrother Says:

    Romny wins New Hampshire with Ron Paul edging out Brownback.

    If Obama beats Hillary in most of the caucus races, he will be our next president. If Hillary wins, the presidency goes to the Republicans.

  5. ChenZhen Says:

    I missed all the fun!

    Good to see Obama beat Hillary though.

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