Clown Candidate Ron Paul Excluded from Debates


Ron Paul Jefferson, or Napoleon?All I can say is that it’s about time. Ron Paul is a laughable joke of a candidate. He’s fine in the Congress where his nuttiness is diluted by saner voices. But President Ron Paul? Pardon me while I snigger.

ABC and Fox News Channel are narrowing the field of presidential candidates invited to debates this weekend just before the New Hampshire primary, in Fox’s case infuriating supporters of Republican Rep. Ron Paul.

Ron Paul supporters are as thin skinned and unhinged as they come. So excuse me while I pop some popcorn and enjoy the show of Paultards heads exploding. Bwahahahahaha!

Fox News says it has limited space in its studio, which leaves Rep. Ron Paul out of a weekend debate.

In other words, we’ve run out of room for crazy people. Sorry Ron Nutjob.

The roster of participants for ABC’s back-to-back, prime-time Republican and Democratic debates Saturday in New Hampshire will be determined after results of Thursday’s Iowa caucus become clear.

Once Ron Paul goes nowhere, he will appear nowhere. Thank the Lord. He’s a catastrophe. This nutball is clearly going nowhere but the looney bin. He may be a doctor, but he apparently needs to see a doctor, stat. A head shrinker.

Perhaps Ron Paul’s supporters make a good case for socialist health care. Mental health care. They seriously need to be locked up where they won’t do harm to themselves and others.

Ron Paul Jefferson? Or Napoleon? Either way, this unhinged slobbering moonbat needs to be locked up.

Update: Over at Balloon Juice, Mike D. sheds a bitter tear on behalf of his libertarian boy toy.  That’s understandable, since he’s a total nutjob.  Perverts of a feather flock together.

— Psycheout


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19 Responses to “Clown Candidate Ron Paul Excluded from Debates”

  1. Steven Says:

    Let’s see who has the last laugh. In the event you would like to vote for your clown.

  2. gorak Says:

    You seam to be running low on arguments, calling someone “crazy” is the ultimate sign of a lack of substance. More specifically, calling someone insane to rebut an argument is to imply that your ideas are correct because they are sane, and they are sane because they are correct. It is a circular argument, and typical of Ron Paul’s enemies who are quickly running out of ideas.

  3. nicolen Says:

    “…this unhinged slobbering moonbat needs to be locked up.”

    I am laughing so hard I am crying! You know that you have really opened yourself up for the Paulites to come knocking on your door! Oh well…I’m sure you can handle them. I share your sentiments.

  4. Yourmom Says:

    I will dance on the grave of the Republican party in November.

    You better hope Hillary is the Dem nominee, because she at least will probably prefer to simply turn the page on the criminal disasters of the Bush administration. The other candidates probably would insist on crucifying the lot.

    I would, naturally, prefer a libertarian President, but since that cannot be, I will accept seeing the simpering chimpanzee dragged off in chains and a hood to the Hague to face a reckoning of his many perfidies.

    Hopefully Abu Gonzalez will be raped to death in prison.

  5. stanzx Says:

    Read this and we shall see! Wake Up America!

  6. rhys Says:

    Ron Paul wants to protect the right of States to regulate abortion. (H.R.1095 H.R.777 H.R.1548 H.AMDT.1003 (A024) H.AMDT.380 (A022) H.AMDT.312 (A011) H.R.4984). Not only that, but Paul wants to clarify the legal distinction between a zygote and a person (H.R.2597 H.R.1094 H.R.776 H.R.392).

    Paul wants to empower States and local government to protect those who have been discriminated against due to religious beliefs or sexual orientation. His bills would also prevent cross-state discrimination against gay marriage (H.R.300 H.R.4379 H.R.5739 H.R.3893 H.R.1547 H.R.4922 H.R.5078). He also wants to limit Federal court intrusion into abortion cases (H.R.1545 H.R.1546 H.R.2875 H.R.3400 H.R.3691 H.R.15169).

    Claiming to be a libertarian, Paul helped the opposition forces in Congress to draft Constitutional legislation that opposed allowing people to express their freedom of speech by burning the American flag (H.J.RES.80 H.J.RES.82). He then voted against the measure.

    Ron Paul wants to allow workplace safety and health legislation to be developed and enforced at the local and State level by reversing the Occupational Health and Safety Act (H.R.2310 H.R.13264). And his desire is so great to give the power back to the people and local government that he wants to make it easier to decertify labor unions which have coercive hiring practices (H.R.694). In addition, Paul also favors the legalization of hiring low-productivity and handicapped workers (H.R.2962) and wants to pass the unconstitutional Social Security over to State control (H.R.2030 H.R.4604).

    Paul favors pro-democracy voting reforms after the disastrous 2000 election (H.CON.RES.48 H.CON.RES.443). He also opposes Federal mandates that increase State expenditures like the motor voter laws, which make it more difficult for States to qualify for their Federal Aid (H.R.2139).

    Ron Paul wants to gut the irrational and highly corrupting anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation (H.R.1247 H.R.1789) and eliminate corporate politicking which allows the development of cronyism and back-door dealing (H.R.1204). As someone who supports giving power to the people, Paul realizes that this can only be accomplished by passing governance back to the most local level possible.

    Paul wants to repeal anti-private property and racial quota laws (H.R.3863 H.R.5842 H.R.4982), as well as eliminating birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants (H.J.RES.46 H.J.RES.42), which has never been fully clarified since birthright citizenship was included in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution before there were any legal restrictions on immigration.

    Ron Paul wants to allow States to be the primary governing authority over their own environmental protection legislation (H.J.RES.104 H.R.3735 H.R.4423 H.R.2504 H.R.7079 H.R.724), as well as promote energy independence through offshore oil drilling, building more oil refineries and mining for coal on federal land (H.R.2415 H.R.4004 H.R.393 H.R.4639 H.R.5293 H.R.6936).

    Paul, who portrays himself as pro-Constitution and pro-defense, opposes dismantling ICBM silos in the United States (H.R.1665 H.R.3769) and supports keeping the U.S. out of the International Criminal Court (H.R.1154 H.AMDT.480 (A010) H.R.4169 H.CON.RES.23 H.RES.416). In his attempt to ensure American sovereignty and international peace he has also tried to limit the impact of international law on the United States (H.J.RES.1028 H.J.RES.492 H.CON.RES.49 H.R.4118 H.R.1658), going as far as defending America’s interests by trying to withdraw America from the U.N. (H.R.1146 H.R.1146 H.AMDT.285 (A038) H.R.1146 H.AMDT.190 (A024) H.AMDT.191 (A025) H.R.1146 H.AMDT.306 (A006) H.R.1146 H.AMDT.138 (A010) H.R.1146 H.R.3890 H.R.3891 H.R.6358 H.R.14788). In addition, Paul supports withdrawing the U.S. from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (H.J.RES.566) and wants to re-establish U.S. ’sovereignty’ over the Panama Canal (H.CON.RES.231 H.RES.1410 H.R.2522).

    Paul wants to empower our education system by limiting federal interfere with state efforts to improve standards for teachers (H.R.966 H.R.1706 H.R.4653).

    Once again ensuring our continued prosperity, Paul wants to reduce the tax burden of the most productive Americans, including those who inherited their businesses and farms. In addition, he wants to help the poor and working class by imposing a flat tax system that will not require the poor to hire contract attorneys and accountants (H.J.RES.23 H.J.RES.14 H.J.RES.15 H.J.RES.45 H.J.RES.81 H.J.RES.116 H.R.5484 H.R.2137 H.R.1664 H.J.RES.23 H.R.6352 H.R.4569 H.R.15619). Paul also wants to limit the Federal government’s holding of wage earner’s funds without paying interest by eliminating withholding (H.R.1364 H.R.4855).

    Paul also wants to abandon the Federal control of the dollar along with the inflation that comes with it in favor of competing currencies (H.R.2779 H.R.3931).

    Ron Paul is a great American hero. Vote Ron Paul.

  7. Jeff Says:

    Wow, you really don’t like this man, do you? I mean, the distain in your words reminds me of someone totally out of touch with composer, rational or conduct becoming an intelligent individual.
    I guess that’s good, though. You’ll need all that negitivity to get thru what I feel is gonna be a long, cold winter for you as you watch what unfolds in the primaries.
    Have a nice day.

  8. SisyphusLicksPsycheoutsPantyParts Says:

    Sounds like the Conservotards are cowards for leaving Ron Paul out. I guess he’s a bigger threat to the party of chumps than the would have people see.

  9. sammylc Says:

    Stop making up words, Read one of Ron Paul’s books, he’s written some, apposed to the man in the white house right now.

  10. Spacebrother Says:

    Ron Paul being locked out of the debates, despite having plenty of support and money, is a sign of danger for everyone in America that it really is corporate scum who manipulate our system of democracy. They’re essentially shi**ing on everything our brave men and women fought to protect us from over the last 230+ years.

  11. BJ Tabor Says:

    It’s good people are turning on that lunatic Ron Paul. His crazy libertarian ideas will undo all the good work that President Bush has done to get the government out of our lives.

  12. Spacebrother Says:

    BJ Hellspawn would be stupid enough to think Boosh even showed remote competency. That baboons favorability rating has been in the toilet for over 5 years now.

    All I can do is laugh

  13. bobcorker Says:

    “Claiming to be a libertarian, Paul helped the opposition forces in Congress to draft Constitutional legislation that opposed allowing people to express their freedom of speech by burning the American flag”

    That isn’t ‘speech’. Do your lips move?

    I’m never sure on where Paul stands on gay marriage / abortion… I can tell that if he were governor, he would clearly oppose them. But, his libertarian ‘agenda’ is more important than Christianity, so he can go die in a fire for all I care.

    As for the rest of the post you are lucky I’m a speed reader, because otherwise nobody is going to read your comments. I think you are a computer program.

  14. Spacebrother Says:

    I’m confused. Now you’re calling Psycheout a computer? I thought I was the computer KKKorKKKsKKKrew. Don’t you love me anymore?

  15. bobcorker Says:

    Please tell me how you infered that I was talking to Psyche Out. rhys was the person I was talking to. Get your silicon chips back in their sockets, IBM boy.

  16. Grant Says:

    Well, when some media executive banishes YOUR candidate from a public forum, let’s see how sympathetic you are. But be careful, because by then you might get disappeared for dissenting.

  17. Billy Bob Neck Says:

    The fact of the matter is that Ron Paul ain’t gonna be president cuz his name sounds like some kinda toilet paper or that candy bar. It ain’t dignified. What we need is a president with a name that’s sounds like he’s ready to kick towelhead butt. And that ain’t “President Paul”.

  18. bobcorker Says:

    Could Ron Paul possibly get to heaven?

  19. SisyphusLicksPsycheoutsPussy Says:

    With McAmnestyMcCain and AbortAllTheBabiesRomney leadin the pack,yer gonna wish Ron Paul was elected.

    Ron Paul has more money and support than Guilliani but FAUXNEWS are a bunch of pussies who are afraid of a real Conservative.

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