The Passing of Benazir Bhutto


Benazir BhuttoIt is a most unfortunate tragedy at the passing of opposition Leader Bhutto, such a Courageous person of Leadership, whose only goal was to help further the cause of freedom and democracy in an area of the world where oppression has ruled the peoples lives for 2000 or more years.

It seems like the people of those countries thrive on a thirst for blood-shed and violence. Thousands upon thousands of people perishing each year at the hands of Ideologically ego-driven maniacs. So many of our friends on the Democrat side want to continue to further the line that Islam is the “religion of peace” line. I’ve had it up to my ears with that line, Islam is not a “religion of peace”, but of lies.

I can assure though, that this is no time to be arguing politics, but more specifically…

Despite the fact that our gut instincts say, “Oh no, this is the end of the world”, mind you, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t say this to lessen the significance of Ms. Bhutto’s passing, but I believe good can come out of this, I honestly do.

You know, I don’t know if you have seen any of the movies, but there has been several movies published about the life and times of Jesus Christ (The Savior of mankind), who was beaten, scourged, and crucified for our every sin, from the time we were born, ’till the day we will ultimately die. Even despite the fact that He could have chosen not to, but unlike so many, He wasn’t thinking of Himself, but of lost and suffering people, destined to Devil’s torment.

Christ on the CrossWhat a horrible, horrible death, but do we concentrate solely on the horror of His death? No! It’s the message He brought, and the reason He died for us that means the most; and I tell you, He turned this world upside down, friends. People after more than 2000 years, not all, but people who were touched by His Truth have spread the Gospel until it has encompassed the globe. He’s still RIGHT HERE with us, this very day, Folks! HALLELUJAH!!!

Well, I seen in a way, kind of the same person in Ms. Bhutto. She wasn’t afraid. She was willing to step out for a worthy cause in a dark and oppressed world, to deliver that message of hope and peace, and I’m sure she inspired many for that same assurance, that same hope, that same peace to help make a better more peaceful world.

For those who were there, that were able to hear the message of hope she delivered, that cared, I’m sure she made an impact on their lives; and that’s all it takes, friends. The folks who were touched by her message could be inspired, and they could use her message to turn that Devil’s den into an oasis of Great Peace and Prosperity. All it takes is one person, to move an entire Nation.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask the Prince of Peace, Our heavenly Father from Above.

So, let’s keep the family of Ms. Bhutto and the country of Pakistan in our prayers; that the Lord will make good things happen.

God bless!

~ Jeremiah

Conservatives United!


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7 Responses to “The Passing of Benazir Bhutto”

  1. bobcorker Says:

    A beautiful post, as always, Jeremiah. We may have to attack Pakistan before Iran, now. My idea is to airdrop armed homosexuals all over Pakistan. We can kill two birds with one stone; the Taliban and the rest of the Islamists will surely scream bloody murder when they see the masses of homosexuals in their country, and the homosexuals will of course do anything in their power to ensure their fornication is legal.

  2. Anonymous Says:



  3. Jeremiah Says:

    Thanks, Mr. Corker.

    As for the homosexuals? I hold, that they really don’t deserve to be honored by fighting a war protecting the U.S.

    They should be on an Island somewhere far, far away.

    And Pray for them, that the Lord will heal their mental sickness.

    ~ Jeremiah

  4. Bob Says:

    What is wrong with gays? I haven’t gotten a straight answer. And no ‘it’s in the Bible’. *Why* is it in the Bible?

  5. Bob Says:

    Oh. Yeah. Moderating is just a way for you to pretend that people like me don’t exist.

  6. Pseudo Psycheout Says:

    Butt shit cock ass lol. 卐

  7. Jeremiah Says:

    What is wrong with gays?

    The main thing, Bob, is they are in need of Jesus Christ. Because they are committing an abominaton before the sight of Almighty God.

    The reason that God commands us not too, is because He created mankind as Male and Female, and designated the body parts compatible so that children could be produced, and that we could be fruitful and multiply in the earth.

    As it is obvious by the beauty of the woman, her hair flows like silk, her skin is smooth, the way she walks, the way she talks … everything about her.

    God gave woman to mankind as a gift and helper.

    Any other way, and the individual needs help.

    ~ Jeremiah

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