Clintonian Parsing


Bill ClintonContinuing with the theme of Mitt Romney, the candidate who will say anything, or in the case of allowing others to spread misinformation that benefits him, say nothing, here’s some maddening clips of Romney’s skilled use of Clintonian parsing.

The video runs for under two minutes, but it will stun you. This is a must see for those who still naively assume that Mitt is a fine upstanding regular guy, or for anyone that is nostalgic for the heady days of serial liar-in-chief President Bill Clinton. Roll the tape….

Whether it’s about the definition of “saw” or “lifelong hunter” or “is” or claiming endorsements he never received, Romney is nearly as slick as a Clinton. And Mitt’s fanclub is as blindly loyal to him as Clinton’s was at the height of impeachment.

Is that what we, as Republicans, really want? I certainly hope not. Leave the shysters and congenital liars to the Democrat party. We’re Republicans. We can do better.

Hat Tip: Flap’s blog.

See also: Last night, LJ over at Race 4 2008 documented some more Mittisms in Romney’s Distortions, none of which include those documented here in the last couple of days. A man could make a career out of documenting Mitt’s abuse of the truth. It just never ends!

Mitt Romney - Man Bear Pig?Upon reflection: There’s more to Mitt Romney that aggravates me than just his Clintonian aspects. He actually reminds me very much of the last two loser DemocRATs to run for President. Mittens is also part al-Gore (the serial exaggerator and “inventor” of the Internet) and John F’n Kerry (windsurfer and consummate flip-flopper’s flip-flopper).

Mitt is the worst of all worlds: he’s Clinton-Gore-Kerry all rolled up into one slimy package (Clorry – the man-bear-pig). In short, he’s a phony, lying, flip-flopping weaselly mess of a candidate. He’s spent millions of his own bankroll in an attempt to fool us all, but when you come right down to it, he’s still man-bear-pig.

Update: I’m glad someone else gets it. And that someone is AllahPundit over at Hot Air.

It’s like the Clinton camp, except less smart.


— Psycheout


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