Everyone Hates Mitt and HillDog


I Hate YouWell not everyone, but these two horrid candidates, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton, have the highest negatives, in terms of voter resistance, of the entire field.  And that includes kooks like Ron Paul and Dennis Kookspinach.  Now, that’s really saying something!

Among the leading Presidential candidates, New York Senator Hillary Clinton and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney have the highest level of core opposition among voters. Forty-seven percent (47%) say they will vote against each of these candidates no matter who else is on the ballot.

Oops, maybe I spoken too soon.  Denny and Ronnie are hardly “leading” candidates.  So never mind about that.  But what’s also interesting is who’s on the other extreme, as far as the fickle public is concerned.  Who do voters hate the least?  The answer may surprise you.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Arizona Senator John McCain. For the second straight month, McCain finds himself with the smallest level of core opposition–just 33% say they will definitely vote against him.

Polling DataAs for the rest of the field…

42% will definitely vote against Giuliani, 38% against Edwards, 36% against Obama, 34% against Huckabee, 34% against Thompson.

So McCain barely edges out Fred! and Huck in terms of not being hated.  What’s also odd, however is this revelation:

As for core support, Clinton is also on top. Thirty percent (30%) will definitely vote for her and 29% will definitely vote for Obama. Edwards and Giuliani have core support from 23%, McCain from 22%, Thompson and Huckabee from 21%, and Romney from 19%.

So let’s see, Hillary and Mitt are the most hated, while HillDog has the most core support while Mitt has the least.  Romney’s dead last.  But the Rombots in that 19% pool really swoon for the plastic phoney.  It’s actually rather incredible to read comments on blogs written by these folks.  They would literally die for Mittens.

Summary: Mitt is a double negative, Hillary is a zero.

Confused?  Me too!  This is one strange primary season!

Maybe eyeon08 or Ed Morrissey can help untangle this mess and explain it for us.  I hope so.  Because, frankly, I’m lost.

— Psycheout


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2 Responses to “Everyone Hates Mitt and HillDog”

  1. bobcorker Says:

    I’m really not surprised about these two fools’ reputation. Ru Pu and Kookspinach aren’t very well known (despite what the internet would try to say), but if they were, their disapproval ratings would be through the roof.

  2. Time for Mitt To Go « Blogs 4 Huckabee Says:

    […] into New Hampshire and Florida, making massive ad buys, achieving similar results.  Romney has the highest negatives of the GOP candidates.  He has a low ceiling and it appears that he keeps bumping into it.  This […]

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