Mitt Romney Was There


Still no confirmation on whether or not Mitt Romney actually saw his father marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. But this just in:

Mitt Romney and MLK

Mitt was there when MLK was tragically gunned down in cold blood and, alert as ever, he was able to point out the shooter, leading to the eventual arrest of James Earl Ray. Perhaps evidence of Romney’s earlier claims will be found. Perhaps we owe him an apology, as this picture clearly shows the Romney-King connection.

Thanks to Buck at Blue Herald for bringing this photo to light. It’s an amazing scoop.

Update: An earlier photo of Mittens and Martin has surfaced, this time over at Balloon Juice. Wow! Romney’s just like that J.R. “Bob” Dobbs guy. He’s everywhere!

Mitt and MLK

Update: Two eyewitness surface. Claims one:

When I told Robertson that news reports placed Martin Luther King in New Jersey at the time, he replied: “Well, it was somebody who certainly looked like him.”

Yeah, let me guess.  He was black, right?  Check.

— Psycheout


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5 Responses to “Mitt Romney Was There”

  1. Gary Says:

    funny, but here is the real story
    Witnesses recall Romney-MLK march

    [Psycheout sez: Thanks. I embedded your link.]

  2. Paul Says:

    No … It wasn’t funny. It was junior high and (should be) embarrasing to the person who put it togoether. They should also work on their Photoshop skills ’cause this paste-up stinks.

  3. Buck Says:

    Paul, get a grip. It was hilarious! Junior high? Pfft! I’ll have you know that’s high school, senior-year, grade-A quality editing! (I guess no one has noticed that’s not even Mitt’s body. It’s Obama’s! [look a little closer at the extended hand]). And YOU should be the embarrassed one here… I did it with PSP-7, not Photoshop… so, THERE! *extends tongue here*

    Good grief. Loosen up, people. It’s a joke. Get it? ‘JOKE’

  4. Psycheout Says:

    I have yet to encounter a Rombot or Paultard with a decent sense of humor, so don’t hold your breath. I’d be interested in Paul’s opinion of a good work of Photoshop (or PSP-7, or even MSPaint). Help us out here, Paul. What standard do we have to live up to in order to be blessed with your approval?

  5. Faithmouse Friday « Blogs 4 Brownback Says:

    […] the guy that Mitt Romney saw his dad marching with even though he didn’t, isn’t he? Mittens was there! This is perhaps the best Faithmouse in quite some time. Dan Lacey never ceases to […]

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