Tanking Tom the Tanc Takes a Dive and Tancs


I'll give you such a pinch!Tom Tancredo will drop out of the race tomorrow.  Good riddance.  Well done bringing the illegal immigrant issue to the forefront, but you’ve gone past your sell date.  I’m glad you finally figured it out.  If you endorse lazy grandpa Fred!, you’ll have sealed the deal on your irrelevance.

Buh bye Tom.  Get lost.

— Psycheout



4 Responses to “Tanking Tom the Tanc Takes a Dive and Tancs”

  1. Spacebrother Says:

    ….and Ron Paul is still in.

  2. ChenZhen Says:

    Don’t forget the Tancredo over at B4B!

  3. Peter Says:

    Bye bye TOM! You just couldn’t cut it!

    Catholics for Huckabee

  4. Tom the Tanc Thanks and Tanks Out « Blogs 4 Brownback Says:

    […] Romney, Nutjobs, Tom Tancredo — Psycheout @ 2:30 pm Tags: illegal immigration, shamnesty As B4C reported last night, the end was near.  Now it’s official: Tom Tancredo has dropped out of the race.  He will […]

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