Spears Parenting Book Scrapped Due To Pregnancy


Jamie Lynn Spears and BoyfriendAs if Britney Spears’ revolting antics weren’t enough to cancel a book on responsible parenting by proud mom Lynne Spears, the recent revelation that her other daughter, 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears, is pregnant with her 19 year old boyfriend’s child hasOops, I did it again!

Lynne Spears’s book about raising her famous daughters Britney and Jamie Lynn has been put on hold, the publisher confirms to PEOPLE.

“The book is delayed indefinitely. It’s delayed, not cancelled,” says a spokeswoman for Thomas Nelson, which publishes inspirational books and Bibles.

Uh huh.  Delayed indefinitely.  Yup.  That sounds like cancellation to me.  It seems the only book Lynne Spears could write is how not to raise children.  I can’t fathom how she could have gotten a book deal on parenting with a Christian publisher in the first place.

These young Spears strumpets are not good role models for children.  The entertainment industry clearly seeks to destroy the American family.  That’s the reason they put bimbos up on a pedestal and flog them on our children.  Just say no.

— Psycheout


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4 Responses to “Spears Parenting Book Scrapped Due To Pregnancy”

  1. Chris Says:


  2. Spacebrother Says:

    See what happens when Conservatives breed?

  3. Psycheout Says:

    LOL, SB! That’s the first time something you’ve said has made me laugh. Well done!

  4. Bob_Corker Says:

    I think we should flog them both. I’m surprise people still accept Harlotry when these strumpets do it.

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