Rudy Giuliani: All Over But the Shouting?


Rudy GiulianiOnce viewed by many as the inevitable nominee, Rudy Giuliani’s star seems to be falling.  He is all but abandoning the early primary states.  He could still make a comeback, maybe, but will he?

These are tough times for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

First the good news (for Rudy):

He’s still the leading Republican presidential candidate in national polls, but only by two percentage points over former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee….

Then the bad news (again, for Rudy):

And in early-voting states, Giuliani’s sinking fast. He’s a distant third in Iowa, a closer third in New Hampshire and has sunk to fourth in South Carolina, according to recent polls. With Iowa’s first-to-vote caucuses on Jan. 3 and New Hampshire’s primary five days later, Giuliani’s campaign appears to be sliding.

But this is good news for the Republican party.  As the poison pill nominee, Rudy would cause the GOP to implode.  Social conservatives and evangelicals would flee in terror, choosing to either vote third party or not at all.  And who knows if they’d ever return.

Giuliani’s failure may actually be the Republican party’s success, if it is to survive as a coalition.  America’s Mayor is not going to become America’s President.

— Psycheout


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2 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani: All Over But the Shouting?”

  1. Spacebrother Says:

    I’ll bet anything the WordPress people will liner up behind him after he wins the primary.

  2. Psycheout Says:

    Who are the “WordPress people?”

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