SonriseI’m just brainstorming here, but given the current Huckaboom and hints at a potential Huckasweep, I think I’ve come up with a good campaign slogan for Mike Huckabee. Huck, you’re free to use this.

Sonrise in America

Maybe some of you are too young to remember Reagan’s “Morning in America” ads that revived optimism after the malaise days of the disastrous Jimmah Carter Presidency had finally been stamped. And Ed Rollins, who recently signed on to Huckabee’s campaign, engineered that 1984 landslide victory for the Reagan/Bush Administration.

Here’s that ad. Roll the tape.

It’s time for a new morning in America, it’s time for a Sonrise. In His Holy name. Amen.

— Psycheout


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7 Responses to “Brainstorming”

  1. lightofjesus Says:

    That’s nice, Psycheout!

    I wish more people would show their support of Huck like that on their blogs!

    It’s such a shame to go to the different blogs and see him being attacked on all sides by his own party!!

    God bless you, Psycheout!
    May the Lord continue to guide you in His Will!

    ~ Jeremiah

  2. Psycheout Says:

    Thanks Jeremiah! Did you watch the classic Reagan ad? It’s real inspiring. Hopefully now that Ed Rollins is on board, the campaign can put out something classy like that.

  3. lightofjesus Says:


    Yes, I watched the ad, and I really liked it! Hopefully Ed can do so for Huck, and show the people that Huck is truly the only candidate qualified to Lead our country.

    Mike Huckabee is a good Christian man, a man who will bring the Nation together, and help people to strive for a better America, by showing kindness, and gaining strength that they need to build America that comes from knowing that there is a God who truly cares.

    It will be an uphill battle, but through the help of the Lord, all things are made possible!

    God Bless,
    ~ Jeremiah

  4. lightofjesus Says:

    I was around during those days, and remember as Dad would get my attention and say, “Listen, be quiet, the President’s giving a speech,” as he watched on television.
    I was really too young at that time to understand what political speeches were all about, I was only 5 years old then, lol, a regular pip-squeak.

    Dad raised us well, and one thing is for sure, President Reagan is one of the best Presidents we ever had, because he knew there was a Greater Power still watching over us in this storm, and he never lost sight of that during his whole administration.

    Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush will go down the history books as two of our Greatest Presidents, and, it’s almost time for a fresh start…

    Let’s start it off right, and elect Mike Huckabee as our 44th President of the United States.

    God bless!
    ~ Jeremiah

  5. Spacebrother Says:

    I got a better one…….

    “F**K Huck”

    He’s an Open Border NAFTA/CAFTA/WTO Loving moron who lets Murderous Child Molesting Rapists out of prison early.

    Voting for Huck-a-chump is probably the stupidest idea since Brownback.

  6. Jeremiah Says:

    I am 100% convinced that only strong leadership by our Nation’s Spiritual Leaders (such as Mike Huckabee) Ordained by God will enable us to stand our ground against the advancing forces of those who seek to devalue human life, undermine traditional marriage, destabilize the family and destroy our Judeo-Christian Foundation.

    ~ Jeremiah

  7. spacebrother Says:

    Anybody see the latest news where Huckabee criticised Bush’s foriegn policy as being arrogant? LOL

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