Matt Drudge: Hot for Romney


Matt DrudgeI’ve been pretty disgusted with the anti-Christian bigotry at the once great Race 4 2008 recently.  They’ve taken to attacking Mike Huckabee, a great Christian Leader of late.  Frankly it’s seemed more like Mitt 4 2008 recently.  That makes me sad.

But what has also taken me completely by surprise is Matt Drudge, the original Internet reporter/muckraker joining in and piling on.  Well it turns out, he just might be a tad biased.

Something to keep in mind as Matt Drudge continues his effort to take down Mike Huckabee: Huckabee poses the most immediate and serious threat to Mitt Romney.

As John Harris of the Washington Post first reported in October 2006, Drudge has an unusually close relationship with a senior Romney strategist, Matt Rhodes.

Unusually close?  Yecch.  Is Matt hott for Mitt or Matt?  I dunno.  Developing….

— Psycheout



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