Mitt’s Moment of Obfuscation: “Teh Speech”


Guy Smiley as Mitt RomneyI recommend against reading “the speech” if you plan to operate a moving vehicle. It will cause involuntary drowsiness. To everyone but his cheering fanbase, “the speech” was a real letdown, a yawnfest of epic proportions.

Chris Matthews liked it. And that’s about all you need to know. Yecch.

Some laughable reactions to Mitt’s not-JFK moment can be found on Hugh Hewitt’s site:

As a christian myself I will vote for Romney not because of his faith but because of the content of his character and his record.

What character?

Mitt Romney has made a wonderful speech, the first one I have heard that reminds me of Ronald Reagan.

Actually several of Reagan’s speeches remind me of Ronald Reagan. In fact, everything about Reagan reminds me of Reagan. Strangely nothing about Mitt does. I wonder why. Oh, I know! Mitt is no Reagan.

Win, lose, or draw, Mitt Romney gave a speech today that will go down as one of the best political speeches in history.

Uh, lose! No, pass!

Not just a good head of hair, he is clearly for real. No fraud or faker could write or give that speech.


Maybe I’ll actually put myself through the torture of analyzing “the speech,” but probably not. It changed no minds and probably firmed up peoples’ existing impressions of his plasticness. If it’s a draw or a lose, Mitt failed.

I suppose I should conclude with a flip-flop. Mitt claimed earlier this year that “We need to have a person of faith lead the country.” That was in February. Today he said essentially that there should be no religious test for the office of President. That’s a contradiction, but it’s who Romney is.

He had the nerve to come down on both sides of the so-called wall of separation between church and state, trying to be all things to all people. Once again, Romney proves he will say anything. He wants to be all things to all people, but ends up being no things to no people.

Mitt failed to deliver. This speech will soon be forgotten or perhaps regarded as Mitt’s final roar or final yelp, depending on whether one’s in the fan club or not.


Hat Tip: The always interesting Balloon Juice.

Update: David Frum concurs: That Dog Won’t Hunt.

— Psycheout



2 Responses to “Mitt’s Moment of Obfuscation: “Teh Speech””

  1. Bob_Corker Says:

    Although I’m a Calvinist, I fully acknowledge that Catholicism is definitely Christianity. Both churches’ rituals and theology make sense. Mormonism, however, has utterly bizzare rituals: I go to church to learn about God, not some idiot’s opinion on the Iraq War. And how can you like a theology that openly encourages you to attack your creator? They sound like ungrateful little smuts, these Mormons.

  2. Mitt Romney Bites His Tongue « Blogs 4 Brownback Says:

    […] @ 5:01 pm Tags: atheists Mitt Romney didn’t really say much in his highly anticipated flop of a speech on faith in America.  Any honest person would admit that.  But what’s significant is what […]

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