Wednesday Night Cheese: Man From Atlantis


This is truly a liberal program at its worst. The Man From Atlantis. Enjoy.

The military is the enemy, and a liberal woman marine biologist (how’s that for a stereotype) is the hero, or shall I say, heroine.

This is the pilot. Have fun watching it.

Update: Bonus cheese. The opening of The Six Million Dollar Man. I’d hoped to find the coveted fembots episode, but that will have to wait for a later day.

We have the technology, we have the erector set, we have taxed Americans to death. And all they get is Steve Austin, the moronic woman, the bionic boy and the robot dog. Screw you, taxpayer. Enjoy!

Update 2: Extra bonus cheese! The intro to CHiPs with Erik Estrada’s teeth.

Update 3: Triple cheese on rye. I bet most of you never heard of this one: Salvage 1: a junkjard dog, by the name of Andy Griffith, builds a rocketship made of junk to salvage NASA’s nonexistent junk on the moon! Well, doggie!

And I didn’t include BJ and the Bear, Knight Rider, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, etc. There’s so much cheese, so little time. And only so much I can do in a single post. But in the future I will leave no stone unturned.

— Psycheout


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