Move Over Turtle Wax, Here Comes the Turtle Car!


Turtle CarMichael D. is the greatest thing to happen to Balloon Juice since Terri Shiavo! Who can forget his greatest hits like I’ve got a new TV or how do I get my router to work? Wow, some great stuff there! It brings a tear to my eye. Memories, in the corner of my mind….

But today he’s really got the hot scoop. And I mean H-O-T-T!!! Get this: a car that can go 35 miles at a whopping 25 mph! WOW! Move over Ferrari, well, into the fast lane to get around this monstrosity. Here comes the turtle car!


As Homer would say, “This car isn’t slow, that turtle is fast.” That’s Mike D. in a nutshell. Or should I say, “turtle shell?” Nah, not really. He’s a nut.

— Psycheout


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5 Responses to “Move Over Turtle Wax, Here Comes the Turtle Car!”

  1. TallDave Says:

    Long time Balloon Juice reader here. I have to agree about Mike. He’s a total choad.

  2. Justme Says:

    Michael is a pretentious intellectual lightweight. His blogging generally boils down to “Hey! Look at me! I’m special.”

    Michael also only ever reads the first paragraph of anything too. If he ever read half of the crap he links to he wouldn’t make such idiotic points.

  3. Psycheout Says:

    Justme, you are so right.

  4. Jen Says:

    Psycho, you’re an ass, I don’t care if you do like MST3K. Even though I think it’s not a very useful solution, I think it’s interesting to see what people are trying to do, and I hadn’t heard of that car before. As impractical an idea as a 25 mph electric car is, it’s loads more productive than mocking someone online at 4:00 in the morning because he linked to it, for heaven’s sakes.

  5. MikeL Says:

    Seems to me that the only opinion of this product that really matters is that of the marketplace – if they can sell these at a profit, that, in itself, justifies it’s existence. While the marketplace makes that determination, maybe you can find something productive to do, instead of dumping on a businessman who’s products don’t meet your political objectives.

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