Deranged Clinton Fan Takes Hostages, Begs for Help, Surrenders


UnhingedNow that it’s all over and ended without any bloodshed or injuries, the strange tale of what happened at Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign headquarters can at last be told. In a bizarre display of unhinged moonbattery, a deranged Clinton fan and advocate for universal (socialized) health care and a perfect representative of the today’s average leftist, marched into Clinton’s campaign offices with a bomb strapped to his chest demanding to speak with the lady Senator and Democrat party Presidential candidate. Yikes. At first I thought it might have been Mike Stark, professional stalker for the nutroots.

And what did this fervent Clinton admirer want from the lady Senator from New York? Health care! Specifically, mental health care! Considering how nutty Clinton and her husband are, this young man was obviously barking up the wrong tree. Or he was just barking. Barking mad.

When Hillary failed to show up in a nurse’s outfit to tend to the mad bomber’s mental health problems (probably rooted in liberalism), he started taking hostages. This is ironic, since that’s exactly what HillaryCare would do to American taxpayers, but I digress. After a tense six hour wait, a blink of the eye compared to the waiting period to see a doctor under socialized medicine, the poor fellow got tired of waiting, maybe even realizing how horrific it would be to actually meet Hillary face to face, and he peacefully surrendered.

All in all, a happy end to a rather tense day. But there’s more to this story than a crazy person taking people hostage and making unreasonable demands. Much more. And this incident is a perfect illustration with what’s been going wrong in our country. Specifically with the disloyal opposition.

This is what happens when liberals don’t get their way. They obsess, hate, think crazy thoughts, and eventually strap a bomb to their chests (literally or figuratively), demand that everyone pays attention to them while they scream their unreasonable and confused demands intermixed with leftist talking points, and finally, in the end, they give up when confronted with reality. Well sometimes. At least this time everything ended with nobody getting hurt. But what about the next time a liberal timebomb goes off?

Actually Hilldog herself, no stranger to mental illness, summed it up the best:

It appears he was someone who needed help and sought attention in absolutely the wrong way,” she said.

And that, my friends, is liberalism in a nutshell.

So it shall be forever written that on November 30th, 2007, a perfectly encapsulated microcosm of the liberal mind and leftist behavior manifested itself in simple terms that the entire world could understand.

And some people claim there’s no G-d. Here’s your proof, skeptics.

For a more detailed blow-by-blow accounting of today’s Clinton crisis, you can’t do much better than Hot Air and Michelle Malkin.

Final Thought: This would obviously never happen to the GOP.  Packing heat has its advantages.

— Psycheout


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