Post Debate Observations


Red StateThe CNN/YouTube debate aired last night and it was an interesting performance from the candidates, to say the least. I have posted my conclusions about the debate, the winners and losers, over at Red State. So go on over there and read it if you are interested.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that Mike Huckabee won. Even post debate polls give Huck a wide margin. But what did he win? Does the poll measure his performance or his substance? I would argue the former. He did do quite well however, considering that he is quite liberal on many of the issues. He’s clearly running as a “compassionate conservative.” And we’ve already got a pretty good idea of how that turns out.

The real winner, surprisingly enough, is neither Rudy nor Romney. John McCain won. He actually looked the most Presidential. That he did and outperformed his main rivals was a bit of a shock. Perhaps it’s time for conservatives to re-evaluate McCain, despite his “maverick” image. Was Brownback right to endorse the Senator from Arizona after all?

So be sure to read my overview of how the candidates did last night over at Red State and, if you watched the debate, let me know how it lines up (or doesn’t) with your own impressions. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Newshound Michelle Malkin sniffs out several CNN/YouTube plants. Dems abound. Nuance!

Update 2: Jason Coleman finds another and another. Hey! Were any of the questioners not from the Democrat party?

— Psycheout


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6 Responses to “Post Debate Observations”

  1. Bobby R Says:

    John McCain did come out of the debate looking pretty good. Huck was a smooth talker, but some of his positions bother me. And why does it not surprise me that CNN tried to pull one over on us? I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

  2. Quinn Says:

    This kind of thing still surprises me!

    I think its just the idea that CNN believes they could get away with it without really trying.

    Anyways, this idea that the states ought to decide whether or not to legalize the killing of innocent babies is inherently vile and evil. Anyone who makes such an argument is by definition a bad person.

    To get a better idear of what I’m talking about check out this analysis of Ron Paul’s response to a question asked on YouTube about abortion a few months back.

  3. Anti-Media Says:

    CNN is still the Clinton News Network. It’s amazing they thought they could get away with using democrat questions, or maybe they’re just stupid. Either way, CNN slides further into irrelevance. The liberal media at work.

  4. Jodi Says:

    Maybe we should go back to having “journalists” ask the questions. At least then the bias is obvious. Hiding it behind activists pretending to be “regular people” is blatantly dishonest. But that’s CNN for you. They’re about as bad as CBS at its worst.

  5. Spacebrother Says:

    Ron Paul won hands down.

  6. Psycheout Says:

    Did this game of “hands down” take place before, or after the debate?

    Hmmm, and did you even actually bother to watch the debate, Spacey?

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