The War on Thanksgiving


ThanksgivingMy eldest three children attend Martin Luther King Elementary. The school used to be called Herbert Hoover Elementary, but the name was changed a few years ago to pander to the PC police in our town. (Typical!)

Yesterday, the kids came home with their Thanksgiving artwork, which consisted primarily of cut-outs and drawings of vegetables. My six-year-old, Noah, brought home a paper turkey that he made by tracing his beautiful little hand and drawing on a face. My seven-year-old, Christian, drew a picture of food groups you find in a Thanksgiving dinner, and Hannah, my oldest, made a cornucopia collage of pictures cut from magazines. I have proudly displayed their pictures in the kitchen.

I couldn’t help but noticing, however, what was missing from their artwork. Where are the Pilgrims? Where are the Indian head-dresses with feathers stapled to a paper band? Where is the picture of Pilgrims and Indians shaking hands? Their absence borders on blaspheme in my book (which is, of course, the Bible).

?When I asked the kids what they learned about the first Thanksgiving, they drew a blank. Not a single one of their teachers told them the true story of how the Pilgrims and the Indians laid down their weapons and joined together to feast on the fruits of the land in peace and harmony. Not a single one of their teachers talked about how Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to express thanks to the Glory of God and the bounty He provides us here in this great country.

Hannah’s teacher told the class that the Indians don’t like to talk about Thanksgiving anymore. She also told the children that there wasn’t really a “first Thanksgiving” and that it wasn’t even a holiday until the time of the War of Northern Aggression (of course, her teacher calls it the “Civil War” – but taking away states’ rights is not very civil in my book). And, of course, I’m certainly not surprised that they didn’t talk about Who we are supposed to be “Thanking” on “Thanks”giving. That would bring out the ACLU!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fed up with all the political correctness that goes on at that school. My husband and I are discussing taking the kids out so I can home school them and make sure they learn the Truth and not just some PC-police-approved pabulum.

In the mean time, Hannah and the twins are helping me make a big batch of corn bread for tomorrow’s dressing while the boys are running around the house hooting like a pack of wild Injuns, wearing home-made, mother-approved Indian head-dresses. That’s what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about. After you give thanks to God, of course!

Have a Happy and Godly Thanksgiving everyone!

A Married Lady


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12 Responses to “The War on Thanksgiving”

  1. Becky Says:

    What a wonderful post! You really captured the spirit of Thanksgiving! There’s not a day that goes by where I do not thank God for each and every blessed day.

    I loved your aside about the civil war. The PC version taught in schools is pretty nutty. There was nothing “civil” about it, that’s for sure!

    Needless to say, I will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen tomorrow. There’s nothing quite like it. I love it. There’s no place like home and there’s nothing quite like family.

    God bless you!

  2. Anti-Media Says:

    This is some great stuff. I will not be able to make it home this year for Thanksgiving. Your blog just brought home to me. Thank you so much.

  3. Mike Reilly Says:

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs.

  4. Lyssie Says:

    What a lovely post! And yes, it is a shame that all of our holidays are being so sanitized, for fear of offending anybody, that they’re losing all meaning. Instead, commercialism is replacing what was once meaningful. In our culture, holidays are now just a period of time where one decorates their house, eats a lot, and spends too much money.

  5. Vigilante Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to Psycheout, and everyone else who reads these pages.

  6. Psycheout Says:

    Thanks, Vigilante! I hope you have a great day too.

  7. Jeremy R. Says:

    In our culture, holidays are now just a period of time where one decorates their house, eats a lot, and spends too much money.

    Yes, what a tragedy that our Nation has fallen to the degrading agenda of Liberalism. Democrats have exploited and abused their powers to do Evil. Much different than when the Christian Pilgrims first came to America to seek Freedom from Socialism and the persecution that went along with it.

    Americans now take for grantit the things which made all of these blessings possible, in which we give thanks not for our own doing, but to Almighty God of Creation.

    Each American must set their eyes back on Lord of all, Jesus Christ King of kings, Lord of lords.
    We Must Sail Our Vessels despite the storm and ragin sea.

    While the world and people will probably never change, we MUST NOT change to conform to this Socialist world’s every whim. We Must Sail Our Vessels, with the Good Lord as Our Captain. Don’t lose hope, because the rewards of this ol world compare as insignifact as the Great Rewards that await us in the Lord!!


    I asked Keefer if he would like to write for me!

    Help me to koax him a little bit! 🙂

    God bless!

  8. Psycheout Says:

    I think I may have keefer’s email addy somewhere, I’ll send him an email and/or pass it along to you if you don’t have it, Jeremiah.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

  9. Tyler Says:

    I’m in high school and you should here what they say about t-giving which is pretty much nothing except for a little bit but NOT HARDLY ANYTHING

  10. Tyler Says:

    crap, my last post messed up where I was saying that at my school my teacher says all this stuff about how the indians were so good and all that and then the ‘europeans’ (what americans used to be) came and murdered them.

    And here’s what I say: first of all, it was a fight fair and square — that’s like saying we ‘murdered’ iraqis. nope, it’s a war and you can’t make a war omelitt without killing people (or indians). second of all, i’ve never seen an indian make cars and computers and iphones — all they did was make blankets. So basically if the indians were still here all we would have is a bunch of blankets and buffalos (which smell).


  11. Jeremiah Says:

    I think I may have keefer’s email addy somewhere, I’ll send him an email and/or pass it along to you if you don’t have it, Jeremiah.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!



    You can send the email there, and I’ll send him an invitation.

    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving!:)
    Lots of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, the works!

    The greatest part of it all though, was when we held hands around the table and gave Thanks to the Lord for our many blessings!

    It is my hope that more people will be thankful to God for their many blessings around the family table!!

    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

    God bless!:)

  12. STR : THE FREEDOM BLOG : Could this be the last ever Thanksgiving? Says:

    […] article with your family: Prepare them for the great battle that is just about to start, because the secularist campaign against Thanksgiving is really just one battle in the great war for America’s […]

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