Jonah Goldberg Heaps Praise on Ron Paul


Ron Paul Revolution?I must say that this was a bit of a surprise. With most sensible people speaking out against or ignoring the long shot Ron Paul campaign, Jonah comes in and puts it all in perspective. From the LA Times:

As the hopeless but energetic presidential campaign of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) builds momentum in name recognition, fundraising and cross-ideology appeal, media conservatives are beginning to attack Paul in earnest.

I don’t know about that characterization. It seems some in the media realize that they finally have to pay some marginal attention to the little fella. So now they’re reporting the truth about the man, his record, the precarious cliff he’d like to lead us off of, and how eager his lemming followers are to take that giant leap. If reporting the facts about Ron Paul is an attack, well, so be it.

Republican consultant David Hill condemns the candidate’s “increasingly leftish” positions. Syndicated columnist Mona Charen calls Paul “too cozy with kooks and conspiracy theorists.” Film critic and talk radio host Michael Medved looks over Paul’s supporters and finds “an imposing collection of neo-Nazis, white Supremacists, Holocaust deniers, 9/11 ‘truthers’ and other paranoid and discredited conspiracists.”

But other than that, Ron Paul’s super awesome! Nice job, Jonah. Now we all feel much better. But he goes farther:

…Paul has the passionate support of the Legion of Doom, that his campaign lunchroom looks like the “Star Wars” cantina, and that many of his top advisors actually have hooves.

Yep. Pretty much. But after saying all that, Jonah admits to being slightly more afraid of “aw shucks” Huckabee than Paul. Interesting. And I think it’s quite revealing why that actually is:

I would not vote for Paul mostly because I think his foreign policy would be disastrous (and because he’d lose in a rout not seen since Bambi versus Godzilla).

Ron Paul Libertarian 1988Yep. Huckabee’s only slightly more worrisome because he actually has a shot at winning the GOP nomination. The Congressman from Texas, to be fair to him, does not.

Isn’t it time that Ron Paul, principled man that he is, either run as a Libertarian or go start a new viable third party so that his kook followers have somewhere to go? And somewhere to stay (other than a nuthouse) after he inevitably loses?

How about the Isolationist Party? That’s pretty catchy.

Update: Ron Paul named Man of the Year by GQ. Woo hoo!

Posh Men’s Magazine selects the surging Jeffersonian Conservative as “Dark Horse Presidential Candidate.” Rubs shoulders with glam icons such as Supermodel Daria and Rapper Lil Wayne.

Oh gross. And it’s more like “lame mule” or Kook of the Year. Free Market News is definately off my list of sources to read, ever. Just give Paul a wet sloppy kiss, why don’t you? Yuck.

Update 2: A very interesting post by Ilya over at Volokh about whether Paul can win (no) and if his campaign helps libertarianism (no). It certainly won’t help the GOP. So he’s a a loser all around.

— Psycheout


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5 Responses to “Jonah Goldberg Heaps Praise on Ron Paul”

  1. FZappa Says:

    Hey Psycheout, did you see that GQ just named Ron Paul one if its 36 “Men of the Year”?

    GQ Mag Names Ron Paul Dark Horse Candidate of the Year

    [Psycheout sez: Yep. Thanks!]

  2. Brandy Says:

    LOL, funny stuff Psycheout! You had me going at first.

    GQ, eh? FZappa, are you aware that Hitler made Time’s Man of the Year? So what’s your point?

    Did Paul make the list for his looks or his nuttiness?

  3. Brandy Says:

    Ha ha ha! Dark Horse Candidate of the Year. Ha ha ha! I was close!

  4. Mike Reilly Says:

    Yeah, other than being a kook, Ron Paul rocks!

  5. truthseeker Says:

    The Republican party is splintering.

    Your site appeals to the George Bush Republicans that favor preemptive war based entirely on deficit financing.

    This is a new age form of “Republicanism” that quite frankly I find repulsive.

    I doubt any of your members will send your sons to fight and die in the Middle East as you bash others who favor pulling all our troops back home.

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