Headline of the Day


Barf BagI really can’t write about this one right now as I’ve just eaten, but this just has to be today’s vomit inducing headline of the day. Otherwise I may not survive the day. You may want to do as I’ve done and skip this article until later, if ever.

Get ready. Here it comes…

Young Voters Dig Giuliani’s Moderate Views

. . .

Yeah man, that’s really groovy. Totally heavy. I’m really hip to that one, daddy-o. I really — BLEARGH!

If you’re new here and don’t understand why that should completely turn your stomach, may I suggest you read some recent stories about this pompous jackass?

— Psycheout


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5 Responses to “Headline of the Day”

  1. Anti-Media Says:

    Wow. You have got to be kidding me. Meet my soggy friend, Ralph.

  2. Warrior Jodie Says:

    Any young voter who supports that old drag queen needs to be hog tied to the back of a pick up truck and introduced to a bumpy dirt road. I’m just sayin.

  3. Psycheout Says:

    That might be a little extreme, Jodie, but, paraphrasing Barry Goldwater, extremism in the defense of America is no vice. Whatever it takes to keep RINO Rudy out of the White House could probably be justified.

    If America falls, what else is there?

  4. Brandy Says:

    OMG, that’s sick!

  5. Lyssie Says:

    Get ready. Here it comes…

    Young Voters Dig Giuliani’s Moderate Views

    Who on Earth wrote that? Tommy Chong’s character from That 70’s Show?

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