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And Now...The Conservatives!It’s about time for another Featured Blog.  And I’ve got another good one for you: Conservatives United.  This blog was started by longtime Blogs for Bush commenter Jeremiah.  And it’s about time!  Blogs for Bush has closed its doors and out of the ashes arose Blogs for Victo(r)y as well as Jeremiah’s new Conservatives United.  We get a two-fer!

Conservatives United is a place where Christian Conservatives can discuss the critical issues that face America today!

Exactly what the doctor ordered.  And he’s put up a lot of food for thought.  Recent posts deal with important issues such as marriage, the death penalty and abortion, Darwinists (evolution), Democrat hypocrisy, and more.  And that’s just on the front page….  Those are just the subjects that Jeremiah has tackled in the last week!

I highly recommend you head on over and check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.  You may not agree with everything that’s said over at Conservatives United, but you can be sure that it will make you think and perhaps even change your perspective.  A big thumbs up for this up and coming blog.  Get there before the rest of the crowd!

Also be sure to visit another recent fantastic addition to the blogroll.  The popular Margolis/Noonan project Blogs for Bush, as I already mentioned, has retired and morphed into the forward looking Blogs for Victo(r)y.  If you want to keep on top of the latest news about the ascendency of the Republican party and the downfall of the Democrat party’s Caucus of Corruption, this is one of the first places to go.  Make it a daily ritual.  Or else!

And yes, it’s that Mark Noonan!

— Psycheout


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4 Responses to “Featured Blog: Conservatives United”

  1. Anti-Media Says:

    There’s so many blogs around, it’s not always easy to find ones that are worth reading. I’ll give those a shot. Featured blogs is a great idea. Keep it up!

  2. Warrior Jodie Says:

    I think it’s real nice of you to promote other blogs the way you do. You sure won’t find any liberals doing anything nice like that. That’s why I love me some GOP men – they have a heart!

  3. Mike Reilly Says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Blogs for Bush. I’ll have to go see Blogs for Victory. And Mark Noonan running against Hairy Reed? Cool!

  4. Jeremiah Says:

    Thanks, Psycheout!

    I appreciate your kind comments!

    God bless you and yours on this Thanksgiving day, November 22, 2007!

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