Joke of the Day


Richard Nixon LaughingThis was passed along via email by B4C reader, DaddyWarbucks:

Hillary Clinton voted about $600,000 funding for a Woodstock (rock festival) Museum federal funding bill – money earmarked and thrown into a massive funding bill.

John McCain’s debate zinger that contrasted Clinton’s earmark support for a Woodstock museum with his own experience in the Woodstock era — “I would have gone, but I was tied up at the time.”

== he was a POW in North Vietnam at the time ==

And it’s all true.  Good zinger, McCain!

— Psycheout


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6 Responses to “Joke of the Day”

  1. JOE Says:

    ol mcain got that one rite! ha ha hippy hillary!

  2. Anti-Media Says:

    I’ll have to admit that is a pretty good line.

  3. Mike Reilly Says:

    Not much of a McCain fan, but he sure nailed Hillary with that barb.

  4. ChenZhen Says:

    No offense, but aren’t you a little late on this one? That was a month ago:

  5. Psycheout Says:

    Well, it is “Joke of the Day.” I just didn’t mention which day. Hmmm, I think that about covers it.

    But thanks for the link to the video, cz! Actually that did sound kind of familiar. I’ll have to ask DaddyWarbucks why he’s sending me old news.

  6. Anti-Media Says:

    ChenZhen is right. It isn’t exactly a new zinger. But it still was pretty damn funny!

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