American and British Conservatives: Unite!


American-British AllianceI wanted to thank The Christian View – British Baptists for recognizing B4C and awarding it a Common Cause Award and return the favor in my own way. So I wrote a guest post over there, which they kindly and promptly published.

It’s called The American-British Alliance. In it, I argue that American and British conservative cousins should work together to spread conservatism in their two great nations and around the world. I hope you go read it and agree with what I had to say.

Thanks again to Pastor Joshua for giving me the opportunity to speak to his audience.

— Psycheout


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3 Responses to “American and British Conservatives: Unite!”

  1. David Head Says:

    Would you be kind enough to consider being one of the first bloggers to take part here:

    4 down, 997 to go!

    Thanks indeed


    [Psycheout sez: I don’t know enough about your charity. People should be careful about giving others money on the internet. I agree with the cause you claim to support, but unsolicited comments asking for donations are usually spam. Caveat emptor. If you want to come back and tell us more, go ahead, but I don’t know you from Adam, so I cannot in good conscience pass along your link to my readers until I know you are legit.]

    [Psycheout sez: It would appear that David Head is the real thing. Here’s the charity he was referring to: Mencap. Please check it out if you are interested. We get so much spam sometimes it’s hard to tell the spammers and scammers from the real thing. I apologize for assuming the worst. Now excuse me, I’ve got to delete some spam.]

  2. Pastor Joshua Says:

    We have been thrilled to have you visit us with your wealth of kindness, wisdom and sheer Bible Knowledge. I do hope this is the start of a very long friendship.

  3. British Expat Says:

    Smashing post, and not just because I’m from Ipswitch. I couldn’t agree more and I’m as American as the rest of you blokes.

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