Romney News Network?


Perky Campbell Brown, Romney Plant?I think B4C has already established Fox News as The Giuliani/Clinton News Network. Has the former Clinton News Network (CNN) now become the Romney News Network?

I use the question mark because I don’t have time research this fully right now, but, if true, it demonstrates that the lamestream media is fully in the leftist/liberal-Republican corner. That’s not too hard to believe. But do take this with a grain of salt until I can get some reliable corroboration (no offense to the source, Just Above Sunset, that reported this). Regarding Thursday’s Democrat debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, there’s this:

CNN added their new star, the new anchor, Campbell Brown – CNN lured her away from NBC. She didn’t mention she might have biases – in July she married Dan Senor, the fellow who was once the adviser and spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and is now serving as an adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and who also works for Fox News explaining why it had better be Rudy or Mitt next, or we’ll all die. That lack of disclosure didn’t matter much – Brown tossed a few softball questions and looked a bit at sea. But she is pretty – that’s nice.

Unless we think for ourselves, and most of us don’t, the lamestream media is going to make our political decisions for us. All the more reason to write in George W Bush, Richard Cheney, Sam Brownback or even Mickey Mouse if you prefer.

Campbell Brown and Dan SenorI watched the Democrat debate on CNN (know thy enemy) and was suspicious of cutie pie Campbell Brown. My BS detector went off, loudly. So I did a quick search. It seems my suspicions may have been right. A Romney plant, right in plain sight.

I just hope that this plant for Mittens gets nowhere near any Republican debate. That’s for sure.

Our political system is broken. We are being overrun by RINOs.

I left my impressions in the comments over at Balloon Juice during and after the debate (old habits die hard). Surprisingly, newly anointed Democrat John Cole along with most of the far left commentariot over there didn’t bother to watch. They’ve already made up their minds. But who can blame them? The plate on their side is even emptier than the plate on ours.

I wish I had an answer, but I’m pretty pessimistic right now. Once George Bush leaves office, we’re going to end up with a loser. I think it’s time to repeal the 22nd Amendment, and quick. FDR is dead. GWB lives. And he knows the way forward into the 21st Century.

— Psycheout


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7 Responses to “Romney News Network?”

  1. interpreted Says:

    Oh look, Psycheout got another blog. Too bad it’s a ghost town.

  2. Psycheout Says:

    This blog has been active less than a month. Give me a break. B4B took several months to grow readership. There’s a lot of blogs out there.

    More to the point, do you have anything to say about the topic? I can’t imagine that you’d be happy about a Romney plant on CNN either. But then you’re from the you kay, so you don’t care much about anything I guess.

  3. cwpete Says:


    It is nice to see that you are back in business. Are you still vehemently anti-Romney?

    If you tone it down some, I’m sure you’ll get more viewers (including me). If you don’t you’ll just have another anti-Romney site when there are already thousands. You may disagree with Romney on something, but he is not such a bad guy.

  4. Psycheout Says:

    Nice to see you again, cwpete. To be honest, I’m not all that happy with the top tier candidates. I am certainly not pro-Romney, but I will try to be fair in my criticism and praise I give to all the candidates.

    Where I am wrong, I rely upon people like you to point it out. Keep me honest!

    This being a fairly new blog, I hope that I provide information that will build readership. Guest postings will be welcome to help provide a diversity of opinion. Let me know if you, or anyone else reading this, are interested.

  5. cwpete Says:


    I’ll tell you what, I’ll add this to my list & frequent your blog from time to time. If it gets too anti-… Well, I’ll let you know.



  6. son of of fozzie Says:

    CNN =”Cable NOOSE Network”

    “The most trusted name in harrowing tales of nooses in the news- All noose stories, all the time. Now back to Kweise Mfume live from Jena, La with todays dose of race-baiting whitey”

    [Ed Note: That’s some funny stuff, soof! Thanks for that.]

  7. Anti-Media Says:

    Romney and CNN deserve each other. They’re both unwatchable and unbelievable. No offense to cwpete, of course.

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