Cambridge Hates Our Troops


F the TroopsReady to get your blood boiling? OK, let’s go.

The wind up….

“We just wanted to make a lot of troops happy,” Scout Patrick O’Connor told the Boston Herald.

The pitch….

The big-hearted Scouts from Cambridge Troop 45 had placed donation boxes at the city’s 33 polling stations in hopes of collecting toiletries, magazines, candy and other items after one of O’Connor’s relatives was injured in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq.

The punchline….

But someone complained to the city, allegedly claiming the boxes were a “political statement,” and the boxes were removed.

And here’s all you need to know about this story:

The city that’s home to Harvard and MIT solidified its nickname as “The People’s Republic of Cambridge” when it put a stop to a Boy Scout troop’s Election Day drive to collect care packages for American soldiers in Iraq, claiming it was “political.”

If The People’s Republic of Cambridge requires National Guard or U.S. Army protection, forget about it. Let Noam Chomsky defend Cambridge. I think spitting in the faces of the troops and the Boy Scouts who support them means the deal’s off.

Liberals hate America, example 1, 487, 242. Can we question their patriotism yet?

— Psycheout


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5 Responses to “Cambridge Hates Our Troops”

  1. JOE Says:

    you got em. thay hate our troops. what a bunch of pansie trators.

  2. Bettie Says:

    What a bunch of un-American scum. I absolutely DO question their patriotism.

  3. Mike Reilly Says:

    That’s just stupid. Why would anybody do something like this?

  4. Bob Says:

    That being said, I don’t entirely agree with them taking them down, at least let them gather some items then take the boxes down when the Boy Scouts are done.

  5. Bandit Keith Says:

    I don’t understand a word you just said. Try speaking American- It’s the only language I understand.

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