B4C Wins Award


Common Cause AwardB4C has won its first of many awards. Thanks to the folks at The Christian View – British Baptists, whoever they are.

B4C is well on its way to becoming the premier website for conservative news and views. You read that here first. Be sure to add B4C to your list of favorites. There is much more planned and additional writers and correspondents will be added to our team soon.

I have already lined up some fantastic guest authors. So keep watching this space. It’s really going to be something other than else.

Clarification: Pastor Joshua seems to have liked our post on Goths, those self-indulgent crybabies. I agree wholeheartedly. It was a good post. A truthful post. An award winning post. Thanks again.

— Psycheout



3 Responses to “B4C Wins Award”

  1. American and British Conservatives: Unite! « Blogs 4 Conservatives Says:

    […] I wanted to thank The Christian View – British Baptists for recognizing B4C and awarding it a Common Cause Award and return the favor in my own way. So I wrote a guest post over there, which they kindly and […]

  2. JOE Says:

    congrads psyche. you do sum grate work. long time reader over at b4b.

  3. Mike Reilly Says:

    Not really sure what this means, but wow, good for you!

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