Mitt Romney on Adam and Eve


Adam and EveMitt Romney needs to talk more about his “religion.” He needs to have that JFK talk where he explains his religion to mainstream Americans. The more he does that, the more people will turn away from this “empty suit.”

When people realize that Mittens can make such poor choices about something as important as personal faith, the more they will reject him. Mormonism is a myth, a scam, a sham. It is not Christian. Yea, it is a perversion of Christianity.

Mitt Romney recently made a really dumb Adam and Eve joke which either reveals his lack of understanding of Christianity, his own Mormon religion (revealed by Moroni) or his inability to tell a good joke. Perhaps all three.

At one young couple’s house, Romney remarked at the large leaves on their tree, quipping, “Adam and Eve would not have looked as promiscuous if they had had leaves this big.”


Adam and Eve looked promiscuous?

Just what was going on in Mitt’s mind behind his vacuous eyes? Probably not much. But the reporter, in addition to smirking over this, manages to ask an interesting question.

Is there something in the Book of Mormon that might explain this?

A former LDS member (who is probably saved since leaving this false church), clarified the through the looking glass Adam and Eve story as believed by Mormons. They are not the Adam and Eve Christians know about.

You ask about Adam and Eve and “The Book of Mormon.” Oddly enough, despite Romney’s idiotic comment, “The Book of Mormon” (and past LDS Temple rituals) portray Adam and Eve as heroes for having eaten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Classical Mormon theology rejects Original Sin, and views Adam and Eve’s fall as “a fall upward.” Mormon founder Joseph Smith taught that they had to eat the fruit of knowledge in order to become fully human and experience true joy. “The Book of Mormon” states “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.”

Like so many current LDS Church members, Romney is either ignorant of past Mormon theology or he is attempting to give it a “make-over” so that people will think the LDS are Christians.

Did you catch that? Adam and Eve were heroic to have disobeyed G-d and to be cast out of the garden of Eden when they were misled by Satan? They “fell up?” I’m going to throw up. The reverse of Christianity is Satanism. Mormonism is Christianity through a (not so) fun house mirror. Mormonism is a cult and Mitt Romney is a cultist and a phony. The sooner Americans realize this, the better.

— Psycheout



6 Responses to “Mitt Romney on Adam and Eve”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oh give me a break, that was totally a joke – though a dumb one. Mormons basically believe that they should be responsible for their own sins, not for Adam and Eve’s. Their view is that Adam and Eve disobeyed God and were cast out of the garden and out of God’s presence. They were given the choice, and they made their choice. Mormons believe that the only way for people to get back to God is through accepting the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ by getting baptized and following Christ. Ultimately, no one can return to God without the mercy of Christ. That is what mormons believe. So, when I hear people like you trying to tell others that mormons aren’t Christians it just baffles my mind. I can only conclude that you have either been deceived, or you are purposely trying to slander mormons. Why you would do this is beyond me – it’s really annoying actually.

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  3. Gigi Says:

    I know just a little about the morman church, theses people think that they our mormorns, well when the mormons can’t help them out with their needs, they go to the all mighty Babist church, then when the Babast can’t help. they go down the line, thalk about a joke,I know mormons that drink coffee and smoke, plus drink, then they talk behind every ones face stab them in the back, the mormons are a joke. did they come from mars???????????Gigi

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  5. The work and the glory Says:

    Still, the Mormons have spooked America since the church’ s creation. Joseph Smith was called a fraud when he founded the church in 1830, and despite its best efforts to inject itself into the American cultural mainstream, the church is still viewed with suspicion in some quarters. Polls show that a substantial number of Americans would not vote for a Mormon for president. Catholic and Protestant denominations alike have challenged the inclusion of the church in historic Christianity.

  6. haha Says:

    Honestly, his joke was funny. Everything I read in this article was something I disagreed with. It lost a lot of value in all of the points and made the writer look ignorant and uninformed.

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