Veterans Day


Flag Raising at Iwo JimaToday is a day to remember and thank our veterans, living and dead, for preserving liberty and fighting for our freedom in wars past and present. It has been observed since the end of World War I. It is a chance for liberals to support the troops for once, although they rarely take it.

Supporting the troops, they so often forget, means supporting the mission as well as those who bravely carry it out. Anti-war types hate the mission and despise the troops. Their actions speak louder than their words.

Thanks to all those veterans, past, present and future who fight and have fought to secure the blessings of liberty. Even if the left doesn’t appreciate it, we sure do. G-d bless the veterans and G-d bless these United States of America!

— Psycheout


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2 Responses to “Veterans Day”

  1. Spacebrother Says:

    Psykkkeout hates America and the troops.

  2. Gigi Says:

    I just wish that their were no wars, but if its up to Bush, all he wants is his oil wells to be protected. yes thats right, so he can go down in history, as the worst presendent of the united stste, I love America, and I am sorry for our troops, to have to defend Bushes oils wells.

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