Pat Robertson Made a Big Mistake


Rudy Giuliani - TransvestiteAlthough many are keeping quiet about their disappointment that Pat Robertson chose to endorse Rudy Giuliani, others are not.

A California pro-family activist believes Pat Robertson made the biggest mistake of his public life earlier this week by endorsing former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for president. Randy Thomasson says the well-known televangelist is “casting a blind eye” to Giuliani’s penchant for pro-homosexual issues.

Hear, hear!

“He and Hillary Clinton are nearly identical on moral values. It is appalling that Pat Robertson has made perhaps the biggest error of his public life,” he says. “Sadly Pat Robertson is leading pro-family voters astray by abandoning moral standards for government and voting.”

Just what was Robertson thinking?

A press statement from CCF argues for Thomasson’s case. “It’s well known in New York City that former mayor Rudy Giuliani marched in ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender’ parades, held ‘lesbian and gay pride breakfasts’ at Gracie Mansion, dressed up several times as a woman, led the hijacking of marriage rights at New York City Hall, and personally demeaned marriage by divorcing his first two wives and committing adultery,” says the statement. Gracie Mansion is the official residence of the mayor of New York City.

Has Pat Robertson gone soft on homosexuality and transvestism? The Giuliani endorsement will certainly go down as the most shocking news of the week.

— Psycheout


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2 Responses to “Pat Robertson Made a Big Mistake”

  1. Spacebrother Says:

    When it’s election time, you fools will treat Guiliani like he’s the Messiah. Don’t fool yourselves, especially Sisyphus, Psycheout, BJ and Bob_KKKorKKKer.

  2. Thomas Shea Says:

    To set things right, Robertson can do one of two things.

    1.) Robertson can withdraw his endorsment.

    2.) Robertson can dress up as a woman just like Giuliani does.

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