Featured Blog: A Married Lady


Welcome To JesusThere’s a lot of blogs out there and it’s near impossible to find those blog authors who have that special something: a way with words, a message to spread and good honest to goodness family values and Christian sense. I may have found a blog that truly hits the trifecta. And that blog is A Married Lady. Who is this married lady? Let her tell you in her own words:

I am a conservative wife and mother, a patriotic American, and I am blessed to know Jesus. I am a great fan of women like Laura Bush, Ann Coulter, and the late Phyllis Schafly. My husband won’t let me use my real name but he said I could share my thoughts with you. God Bless America and Blessed Be!

As a mother of seven children, she probably doesn’t find that much time to write, but I’m thankful that her husband has permitted her to broadcast her wisdom to the world. Take a look at A Married Woman‘s blog, let her words wash over you, and I’m sure you will agree, this blog will be one to watch.

— Psycheout



7 Responses to “Featured Blog: A Married Lady”

  1. AMarriedLady Says:

    Thank you, Psycheout, for your kind words. I am blessed to have your support and friendship.

    A Married Lady

  2. Spacebrother Says:

    If you are a fan of Ann Coulter, you are definitely a few cards shy of a full deck.

    Coulterguist is a bigot who hates America. I feel sorry for your children to have to live with a parent who supports/admires a hateful harpy and a lady who murdered someone while she was behind the wheel as a teenager, not to mention married to the worst president in American history.

  3. Arn Lewis Says:

    “but I’m thankful that her husband has permitted her to broadcast her wisdom to the world.”

    Her husband has permitted her? And I thought she didn’t believe me when I said that to their way of thinking the women were slaves to the men. Guess it just slips right through her brain as she meekly obeys her every order.

  4. Arn Lewis Says:

    Kinda funny, on the military post where my son in law goes for training (he’s deployed to Iraq now) there is a road named Coulter, and all of the soldiers on post call it “Bitch Street”

  5. bago Says:

    Someone has to wear that little black dress for the rest of us, if only to keep it out of the scheming hands of Rudy.

  6. Psycheout Says:

    You got that right, bago!

  7. Brandy Says:

    This looks like a wonderful blog! Great job Married Lady!!

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