Fright Night


Vast Left Wing ConspiracyFor years Balloon Juice, written by John Cole, had been a rather good conservative blog. For years he railed against the idiotarians of the left, the Jane Hamshers of the left and the liberal fascism that defines the Democrat party. For some reason, the battle to protect Terri Schiavo from her husband and those who would like to usher in a holocaust against the handicapped to rival the holocaust against the pre-born, caused something to snap in John Cole’s brain.

He has been moving away from the Republican party in fits and spurts since that time, and has been posting ever more unhinged rants for at least the last several months. It has been sad to watch, much like a drunken train wreck in slow-motion. Today he finally made it a official: a clean break. He has just publicly declared himself a registered moonbat.

Unless this is some Hell-o-ween joke and he’s just donning a Robert Byrd mask to churn up page views, his assimilation into moonbattery is complete. It’s sad to see him go. I can understand being less than thrilled at the prospect of supporting Rudy McRomney. Even that makes me sick to my stomach, but going over to the other side is unthinkable. Will John Cole gladly pull the lever for Hitlery? Time will tell. Here’s a bit of today’s screed:

I had intended to register independent, but when I got there to do it, I had a moment of clarity- there seemed to be no point leaving the Republican party in protest and joining the unwashed masses. If I really was going to protest, it made no sense to not commit to the opposition party. Besides, as a Republican all these years, I never had any problem voting for libertarians, Democrats, etc., I don’t see why being a Democrat will change anything. And, the 2008 election really is the most important election of my lifetime- the basic foundation of our country has been under assault for a while, now, and I want to vote in the Democratic primary as a Democrat, not as someone with no party affiliation. I want to send a message, and as small as this gesture (which should appropriately be interpreted as a middle finger to the GOP and not as a sloppy wet kiss to Nancy Pelosi) is, I want it to mean as much as possible. There is now one less Republican in WV, and one more Democrat.

He’s babbling. He sounds like a crazy person who’s at last cracked completely, the poor fellow. And his real reason becomes clear:

Now send me my check from Soros and the 40 virgins.

Over the years of visiting John Cole’s site, I’d come to think of him as a friend, although an occasionally foul-mouthed friend. Unlike some of those on the right side of the blogosphere, I do not react in anger, but rather in pity. He’s like the family member who has surrendered to Satan and found himself addicted to alcohol and drugs. He’s not the man I thought he was, the man he once was, the man he likely is still, underneath that mountain of madness. He is ill, to be sure. But I am upset at the illness and not at the poor afflicted victim.

If you are angry at the Republican party, do something to change it. Conservatism isn’t wrong, even if some of its representatives have let you down. Perhaps you were a RINO for some time now. Now I suspect you are a DINO. The Democrat party is not for you, as you will soon find out. Cindy Sheehag, Robert “Sheets” Byrd, the Goracle, Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy, Nancy Piglosi, Harry Reidtard? Do they represent you?

It’s not too late to come back. I would welcome you with open arms, John. And when you, I will not say “I told you so.” You will be back. So please, John, come back. Come back into the light.

Update: With us or against us? John Cole chooses sides. The latter. He’s gone.

Maybe in a while I will split ways with the Democrats and find some place else where I am more comfortable. For now, though, you can count me in the “against us” category. Centrism is not going to cut it. Things are way fucked up, spiralling out of control, and getting worse by the day. Jane Hamsher, Atrios, Kos, and I all see eye to eye.

— Psycheout


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2 Responses to “Fright Night”

  1. cynical jim Says:

    Mr. Cole switched party affiliations. And therefore you have to tarnish him as a traitor. I think you make his point very well.

    He obviously doesn’t want to be “one of us” when being “one of us” demands unquestioning loyalty. I think he disagrees with the proto-fascistic incompetence exhibited by the Republican Party.

    The Democratic Party is not satan’s party just as the Republican Party is not God’s party. Your name-calling of prominent Democrats is a bit childish and telling.

    Mr. Cole did not so much join the Democratic Party as to leave the Republicans. Just like I did.

  2. MMM Says:

    that sure was a cynical post, jim.

    i wonder what sort of phoney outrage you would muster if cole were actively run out of the party with racist taunts by a pitchfork mob?

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